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Free Trieste welcomes the new President of the US

Free Trieste welcomes the new President of the US

Free Trieste calls: USA & UK COME BACK!

January 20th, 2017: inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump and of his Administration.

Free Trieste celebrates the event from its head office in the center of the city, in the historical Piazza della Borsa, remembering the positive British-US special trusteeship over the present-day Free Territory of Trieste and its international Free Port.

The Free Territory of Trieste is established under the 1947 Treaty of Peace with Italy as a sovereign State under the United Nations Security Council’s direct protection, provided with and international Free Port at service of all States of the World, granting special rights to Switzerland, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Its borders with Slovenia were defined by the United Nations in 1992.

The present-day Free Territory consists in the capital city with the international Free Port and five smaller municipalities. Its rights as international Free Port and financial center between the Mediterranean and Mitteleuropa are an important resource for the political and economic stabilisation of South-Eastern Europe, especially for the Countries of former Yugoslavia (LINK).

The Governments of the United States and of the United Kingdoms did maintain the title of primary administrators of the present-day Free Territory under the Treaty of Peace, however, since 1954, they have entrusted its military defence to the NATO and its temporary civil administration to the Italian Government, which abuses of the mandate it has received. This is why Free Trieste invites the USA and the UK to restart exercising the special trusteeship themselves.

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