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Free Trieste denounces the fraud against the international Free Port and opens the dispute at the UN

Trieste: the Northern Free Port and the triangle of Italian corruption (Mafia-Money laundering-Politics).

Trieste, 27 January 2016. – Yesterday (Jan. 26th), a group of Italian politicians and speculators has successfully obtained that the Italian Government’s Commissioner in charge of the Free Territory of Trieste’s provisional administration, Ms F.A. Garufi, three days before her retirement, signs acts that seemingly allow the “transferring” of the free port regime from the Northern sector of Trieste’s international Free Port (misleadingly called “porto vecchio” as in “old port) to other areas.

The excuse for the “transfer” is deceptive, and the operation is illegal, because international regulations about Trieste’s Free Port forbid transfers of its constrained port areas, all while allowing unlimited extensions of the free port regime to new areas without need to “remove” it from existing ones.

The operation’s purposes are two, and both are illegal: diverting the new Baltic-Adriatic freight traffics on Italian ports by eliminating the main, much closer development area of Trieste’s international Free Port by repurposing it for a building and real estate speculation worth EUR 15 billion. Both operations are attractive for Italian mafia-like criminal cartels.

Furthermore, the whole operation breaches the rights of the whole international community of State over Trieste’s Free Port, established as a State corporation of the Free Territory of Trieste to grant all States free trade and commerce under the control of the Free Territory itself, France, the United Kingdom, the Untied States of America, Russia, other USSR successors, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, the other successors of Yugoslavia’s, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and the latter five State’s right to register ships and vessels.

In view of this, the Free Trieste Movement – FTM states and declares, under its own, full responsibility, that the documents Commissioner Garufi signed are illegitimate, as well as constituting the ultimate, material evidence that the whole operation is a huge, scandalous, intolerable fraud, planned by networks of corruption and of mafia, which are responsible of devastating the whole Italian political and public sector, including the judiciary, which should prevent such crimes.

Free Trieste calls for the criminal prosecution of all the active and passive subjects responsible of the fraud, and entrusts the International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste – I.P.R. F.T.T. to activate the international dispute procedures provided with the Treaty of Peace with Italy of 10 February 1947 (arts. 87 and 88; Annex VIII, arts. 24 and 26).

Indeed, this Treaty establishes the present-day Free Territory of Trieste, its international Free Port, and places them under the UN’s direct protection. This is once again confirmed in the recent UN Security Council and Secretary General’s document S/2015/809.

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement

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