Free Trieste




On July 31st, 2015 Free Trieste took an action to redeem all the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste – FTT. It is a request to the Italian Government, through the local Commissioner of Government.

Free Trieste officially requested the Commissioner to repel the 1957 decrees that extend to the citizens of the FTT mandatory conscription in the Italian Armed Forces.

This request was mandatory. A duly act in defense of Trieste’s citizens. For 50 years, local authorities drafted citizens of the FTT threatening them with  arrest, and depriving them of their civil rights. All in Italy’s name. All to serve in the Italian army.

This constitutes a very serious violation of the 1947 Treaty of Peace, which establishes the Free Territory as a demilitarized and neutral State. This is all about the law. Yet, that the local Italian authorities disregarded them all, and also ethics. Acting like a mafia, they simulate Italian sovereignty over Trieste and its international Free Port.

The victims of this perverse system, covered by the Cold War, are about 50,000 citizens of the FTT, drafted by force in breach of their very rights.

But this rape of international law and human rights is not over yet. In 2005 Italy suspended compulsory military service, but it can re-introduce it in the event of a war or international crisis.

This does also mean that citizens of the FTT are still, illegally, included in the Italian draft lists as they turn 17 year old. Until they turn 65, they remain subject to the procedures and punishments of the Codici penali militari italiani di pace e di guerra (Italian Code of Military Criminal Law in Peace and War).

So, the citizens of the FTT are still, unfairly, subject prosecution and punishment if they refuse orders or deserting the Italian army. In other words, they risk punishment for opposing abuses and claiming their rights.

This situation is unacceptable, and Free Trieste is finally denouncing it. All the people of the FTT who want to be free from obligations in the Italian Armed Forces are welcome to support the initiative.

Wind of freedom is blowing in Trieste.

The document: HERE

Translated from blog “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante