Free Trieste

Trieste Independence Day 2012

Trieste: flag of State since the Independence Day (15 September 1947).

Trieste: 65th Independence Day

Trieste, September 17th, 2012. – Yesterday the Free Trieste Movement held the 5th demonstration in defense of the Northern Free Port. The event was successful: many citizens are discovering their rights established under the 1947 Treaty of Peace with Italy.

September 15th is the anniversary of the coming into force of that Treaty: as such, Free Trieste celebrated also the 65th Independence Day of the Free Territory of Trieste and the establishment of its international Free Port.

After a Flag Raising ceremony on dock San Carlo, the people marched to the Northern Free Port.

This is the most successful demonstration so far. The exponential growth of the Free Trieste Movement continues: this is especially thanks to the restless volunteers who inform fellow citizens about the importance of re-establishing the rule of law to fully enjoy the economic opportunities and true potential of this small European State.

Thank you, to all of you!