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The EU confirms the 1947 Treaty of Peace


The European Commission.

Trieste, September 1st, 2012. Today Free Trieste presented to the press the recent answers of the EU Commission regarding “Question Trieste”.

The answers were released by European Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta about the international Free Port of Trieste (August 7th), while the Directorate-General for Justice expressed itself about the rights of the people of the Free Territory of Trieste (August 22nd).

Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta:

Italian Parliamentarian Mara Bizzotto (Lega Nord) addressed the Commission a question about Trieste’s free port regime. Commissioner Šemeta answered confirming that it is Annex VIII to the 1947 Treaty of Peace that provides for the Free Port’s management.

In particular, Commissioner Šemeta confirmed that:

“Annex VIII to the Treaty of peace with Italy of 10 February 1947 stipulates in its Article 1 that the port of Trieste shall be a customs free port. Article 5(2) of Annex VIII provides that in connection with importation into or exportation from or transit through the Free Port, the authorities of the Free Territory shall not levy on such goods customs duties or charges other than those levied for services rendered“.

In his answer, the EU Commissioner has consequently recognizes the Free Territory of Trieste as the authority in charge of the international Free Port (indeed, the Treaty of Peace establishes the Free Port as Trieste’s State Corporation).

Read the EU’s complete answer HERE

The Directorate-General for Justice:

The people of Trieste addressed the EU Commission DG Justice about the continuing violations of their rights. In particular, the question regarded the Italian magistrates serving their duties in the Free Territory of Trieste. The DG explained that the European Commission has no title to intervene, because Trieste’s legal status falls outside the framework of EU legislation.

The letter, in Italian: HERE


Both answers of EU authorities confirm Free Trieste’s studies. The Free Territory of Trieste is a State, its specific rights and status date back to 1947. Furthermore, the FTT does not belong to the EU, because the adminsitering Italian Government has not taken care of accession agreements.

Under the 1947 Treaty of Peace, only one body is responsible for granting the integrity and independence of the Free Territory and its citizen’s rights: the UN Security Council. This is why, following the EU’s answers, Free Trieste is going to address the UNSC.

Routes to and from the international Free Port of Trieste.