Free Trieste

International Free Port of Trieste: Free Trieste sends a formal notice to Rome from Vienna

Formal notice: Italy violates international Treaties
blocking the Free Port of Trieste
Proposed the revocation of
the mandate of trustee administration


The international Free Port of Trieste has been established with the Treaty of Peace of 1947 as State corporation of the Free Territory of Trieste (Territorio Libero di Trieste – Svobodno Tržaško Ozemlje), under guarantee of the Security Council of the United Nations and, since 1954, entrusted to the Italian Government, its temporary administrator, bounded to maintain the international Free Port in fulfilment of the norms of the Treaty (Annex VIII – articles from 1 to 20).

Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia do also have the right to register their ships in special registers of the Free Territory of Trieste, as well as to partecipate to the International Commission that management the Free Port of Trieste together with France, United Kingdom, USA, Russia and other successor States of USSR, Slovenia and other successor States of Yugoslavia, Italy, Poland.

But the  the Italian Government violates the international trusteeship mandate, simulating the sovereignty of the Italian State over Trieste, as well as paralysing the Free Port and the rights of other States in order to divert the traffics of Central Europe to the ports of the Italian peninsula, damaging the ports of Trieste, Koper (Slovenia) and Rijeka (Croatia).

The Free Trieste Movement, which is the main political organization of the citizens of Trieste, back in June 2013, has already notified to the Italian Government, to the United Nations and other, concerned States the “Atto di reclamo e messa in mora – Complaint and notice of default” which, through 20 pages of analysis, summarises the legal and economies status of the Free Territory of Trieste, as well as the Italian violations to the mandate and the demands of Free Trieste; this document has already risen the attention of international diplomacy, silent, yet, uprising.

The «Atto di diffida – Formal Notice» does also describe the correct procedures and articulated proposal for a decree that the administering Italian Government shall adopt in order to fulfil the international mandate as for the Free Port.

During the press conference held in Vienna, at the“Karl Kraus” conference room in front of the Hofburg, the speaker of the organization, Paolo G. Parovel has underlined that the Free Trieste Movement has no territorial claims agains Slovenia or Croatia as well as demanding the immediate application of the rights of the Free Port for both Trieste and the International Community, addressed to offer all needed political-diplomatic support, including the press, to archive this goal.

The event in Vienna, brought to the attention of over 14.000 world-wide addresses by official agency APA, and the documents were distributed in both English and German to 375 journalists and embassies, rose a strong interest, as provenly the first results of the press digest.

The President of the Free Trieste Movement, Roberto Giurastante has underlined that our representatives in Austria are increasing and working very well, also, Trieste is no longer isolated because, since 1954, for the first time, it receives international attention but, finally, this happens on serious juridical and economic grounds, developed by the Free Trieste Movement as part of a political-diplomatic action that has never been done before.

The Free Trieste Movement is going to real ease further information to the Triestine media during a press conference next Friday, September 12th, at the headquarter in piazza della Borsa 7. The press conference is open to journalists only.

After the press conference, this website will publish the documents that were presented in Vienna in German, Italian and English. In the meantime, the following illustration depicts the axis of traffics that Rome and Italian parties attempt to divert to the Ports of the Italian peninsula.