Free Trieste

Temporary rules to access Free Trieste’s office

Free Trieste: temporary rules to access the office.

Trieste, 15 January 2022. – The state of the pandemic makes it necessary safeguarding the health of the volunteers and protect the offices of the Free Trieste Movement, because they are directly involved in the complex lawsuits for the protection of the civil and fiscal rights of the citizens and enterprises of the Free Territory of Trieste and in the defense of its international Free Port.

This need for greater security follows the latest scientific information regarding the increasing number of new cases and hospitalizations, including intensive care unit admissions, which do not depend on the highly contagious but likely milder omicron variant; rather, delta is the cause.

Delta is the most aggressive and potentially deadly variant for the unvaccinated, and so far it has also taken the lives of members and supporters of our Movement.

For those reasons, and until further notice, the Movement’s secretarial office remains open only by appointment. The number to call for an appointment is 333/3337776 and other messages or documents can be sent via e-mail. It is possible donating online, as explained HERE.

Furthermore, when accessing the office, it is mandatory respecting anti-contagion measures and other rules provided by the Movement. The relevance of our work for Trieste, and the responsibilities deriving from it, must not be put at stake by personal opinions on other matters.

Temporary rules to access Free Trieste’s office.