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Trieste taxation lawsuit: appeal before the Court of Cassation

Trieste taxation lawsuit: appeal before the Court of Cassation

Trieste taxation lawsuit: appeal before the Court of Cassation

Trieste, 23 June 2020. – The Trieste Court of Appeal lodged its decision in civil lawsuit RG 139/2019, with which the International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste – I.P.R. F.T.T. and 599 natural and legal persons, including businesses, request the demonstration of the general system of taxation that is to be enforced in Trieste. The information comes from the I.P.R. F.T.T. with the announcement of an immediate impugnation of the judgment before the Italian Court of Cassation «for its absolute unfounded nature and for violations of the law». 

The 600 appellants request since 2017 the legal demonstration of the fact that  prevailing, Italian laws in force bound the Italian Government to exercise the special trusteeship sub-mandate of the present-day Free Territory of Trieste enforcing the correct taxation established by the 1947 Treaty of Peace, and not the taxes of the Italian State, which are three times greater than the correct taxes.

The I.P.R.F.T.T. explains that «in first instance (1757/17) the Court avoided decisions in the merit, declaring a “lack of interest” of the 600 appellants; while in second instance the formation of the Court did rather passively endorse notorious, disputed political opinions to claim the “overcoming” of the laws that enforce the international obligations on the matter in the current Italian legal order».

According to the I.P.R. F.T.T. «this second, expected choice of the local judges of second instance appears even move inconclusive than the decision in first instance, because it allows to finally prove before superior Courts the absolute lack of legal grounds of those political opinions, while in Trieste continue the parallel lawsuit supported by hundreds of citizens and businesses and regarding the application of the Italian Value Added Tax – VAT (RG 4277/18), and the management of the international Free Port, including the controversial question of the agreements with China (RG 5209/19)».

I.P.R. F.T.T. – Information Service

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