Free Trieste


Surviving in a hostile environment: this is what one must face when placed under the rule of the mafia, of organized crime.

And it is also what happens when the State itself, which should fight organized crime, tolerates it for “State reasons” due to it being very useful to control a territory outside its jurisdiction: then crime is allowed, and organized crime becomes a government.

This is the state of things in Trieste ever since the Italian Government took over under an agreement that envisioned mere temporary civil administration, soon turned into a simulation of sovereignty.

This is how Italian mafias returned, after the tragic twenty years of Fascist dictatorship, this time under “mandate” of the Italian Government, now an expression of the new, democratic Italian Republic, all to take over Central European Trieste, which the Allies had freed after WWII.

To the Italians, we, the people of Trieste are only an excuse to unleash their insane, ultra-racist nationalism, which no other Country would tolerate.

Yet, that seems perfectly acceptable in the “Italian colony” of Trieste, especially to conduce destabilizing international actions at the expenses of neighbor States. It can because this is the will of a subversive system that, in Italy, has one of its pillars in the “Gladio 2” structures: State-incited subversion, financed and supported by the Italian State in the core of the State of Trieste.

Ultra-deviated nationalists with Fascist and Mafia undertones celebrate their unholy marriage in Trieste, the city so “dear” to Italy. A nationalism that, in the end, is itself born from the ignorance of people who were converted to the cult of National Unity through carnages and massacres.

It is the same nationalism that has already caused serious damages to Trieste. Not without the help of a political establishment made of “traitors” that gained enormous wealth at the expenses of the fellow citizens they handed over to Italian organized crime.

A political establishment that can only rule by virtue of its “merits” earned by defending the Italianità of Trieste, the city “dear” to Italian criminality, because it is thanks to said “merits” that, ever since 1954, Italian mafias can parasitize Trieste.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante