Free Trieste

Statement about former Zone B

The Free Trieste Movement stands both locally and internationally for the rights of the people of Trieste, not on the bases of political ideas but on the bases of an undeniable system of international legislation, which is the actual strength of its action and the fundamental resource to save Trieste.

This system of international legislation if summarised and consolidated in the dedicated “Act of complaint and notice of default” officially notified on June 18th, 2013 to Italian and international authorities to open, under international law, all consequent procedures for the freedom of Trieste, which are also raising the interest of the International Community.

The opponents of the Movement have nothing to oppose to this action on this concrete, rigorous level. Therefore, since July 2013, they try to divert the battle on the political and on the emotional level, with a hammering and revolting campaign made of deceptive declarations, false news, hostile inventions, and defamation to discredit the Movement and to threaten its management board, its members and its supporters.

Facing this attempt to distract the people of Trieste from standing side by side for their rights which are real and undeniable, it is therefore necessary that they remain focused on the legal status that unites their legitimate interests enough to overcomes their understandable differences in both individual aspirations and emotions.

This hostile campaign aims also to trigger both emotional reactions and hostility by opening again the well-known question of “zone B” of the Free Territory of Trieste and, in order to do it, it has made up a role-play, accusing the Movement to be either giving up on it or to be claiming it, depending on the time.

Both accusations are false. The Free Trieste Movement is made of several different people with many personal political orientations on different topics, including the historical aspect of this topic, however, they all consider it their primary duty and goal defending, here and now, the rights and the working opportunities of Trieste in a crisis that, otherwise, is going to ultimately drown their city into marginalisation, corruption and misery.

Just like a surgeon does not use opinions or personal preferences to save a patient whose life is in danger, using the necessary medical tools that best suite the emergency instead, the Free Trieste Movement must only use the instruments of the real legal situation that can be activated immediately and effectively.

To this day, the real legal situation is the one represented by the Movement in the official document [the notice of Default] which, therefore is once again an important reading, and does also include the question of “zone B” referring to its present legal status, which is actually hidden by those who oppose the Free Territory to deny its existence.

In short: for reasons and by the means described in the document, the International Community has never amended the effects of the Treaty of Peace with Italy and of the Memorandum of Understanding of London only when it comes to the legal status of the main “zone A” (Trieste, international Free Port, municipalities nearby), which therefore remains the present-day Free Territory under the temporary civil administration entrusted to the Government (not to the State) of Italy by virtue of an international trusteeship mandate. Therefore it can be impugned exactly in such terms and limits, which are those needed to save and revive Trieste.

On the contrary, as for “zone B” the temporary civil administration was entrusted to the Yugoslav Government, which ceased to exist without the mandate being expressly entrusted to the Governments of the new States of Slovenia and of Croatia, as it was never entrusted to either of them. The International Community has actually preferred recognising their present-day borders, which include former “zone B”. Changing, by doing so, its legal status in 1991-92, by the will of all United Nations Member States and of all signatories of both the Treaty of Peace and the Memorandum of Understanding of London.

Opening the question of “zone B” in our days, even in good faith and for understandable political-economic points, would therefore divert the front of the main action for the Free Territory of Trieste from the absolute legal certainty of the international legal status in force in “zone A” to a secondary front where the same laws and rights do no longer apply, which means facing a certain defeat that would do nothing but wearing out and weakening the battle for Trieste as well.

This is exactly the reason why all those who oppose to the Free Territory of Trieste (political parties, profiteers, services, etc.) are trying and are going to try again, by all posible means and deceptions, from press disinformation to pressing on the internet, to simulate that the Free Trieste Movement wants to re-open the question of “zone B”, or even to drive it in a deadly trap by having it actually re-opening it.

The Movement does therefore repeat once again and firmly the positions expressed in the document annexed, invites everybody, both its supporters and politica opponents, to analyse it carefully and with as much seriousness as possible. Because we all have the primary duty to urgently and ultimately save the city, the international Free Port and, even before them, our own people who are drowning more and more in unemployment and in misery because, otherwise, they shall remain hopeless.

So let us leave disinformation and political talk to those responsible of the disaster that we alone are working to solve for real.

The Management Board of the Free Trieste Movement.

Feries Territorium Triest - FTT (seit 1992).

The present-day Free Territory of Trieste – FTT borders with Italy and with Slovenia.