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When you are a reference point for an important cause you are aware to be a target as well. When they hit you, they do it by all means, but you cannot surrender because your responsibility is  great when you represent the cause. You shall alway resist. Ans the more they attack you, the most your belief that you are on the right path grows stronger. Because your opponents would not attack you if they were not scared of you.


Recently I was notified with a conviction, which I recide by the Court of Bologna without even a trial. A conviction and a seven months prison sentence (converted in  EUR 11,250 sanction) for (according to Italian judicial authorities) offending two Italian magistrates who serve at the Court of Trieste, which means in the Free Territory of Trieste. Since this conviction is ridiculously illegitimate, I requested that it is declared null and void.

The alleged offence refers to a post published on my blog, “The clan”, a critical analyses of the situation of the Free Territory of Trieste under the illegal occupation of bodies of the Republic of Italy.

A harsh, cruel, realisti analysis of what Italy has done to Trieste in breach of the law and at the expenses of the citizens and enterprises of the Free Territory of Trieste by forcing upon them a system of government based on the systematic circumvention of legality.

Sure, it is a political critiche from a representative of the political Movement that stands to re-establish the rule of law in the Free Territory of Trieste and, consequently, to restore the legality that has been breached by those who take advantage of the mandate of temporary civil administration established with the Memorandum of Understanding of London of 1954.

But there is something more, because this article is also a denounce to public opinion against the local potentate, hence the title “The Clan”, due to the crimes they have committed and which are described clearly and in detail. It is a powerful accusation from a citizens de jure of the Free Territory of Trieste who is not afraid to take a public stand against this institutionalised corruption: this is what represents that post, and it certainly is inconvenient for them. As much inconvenient as this blog, the reference point of the question of the Free Territory of Trieste.

It is a very popular blog (more than 360,000 views to date) because of its contents. And Italian authorities, who obviously do regularly check it, don’t like it. And it is after one of such check-up that the DIGOS (Italian Political Police) of Trieste that it was reported to judicial authorities and to the Prefect Office.

So, instead of proceeding with the mandatory criminal prosecution of the facts that I had denounced investigating the local potentates, they took legal action against me, to punish and silence me with means worth an occupying Country. Because no critique against the Italian occupation of the Free Territory of Trieste is allowed, and no denounce of the mismanagement of the “clan” is tolerable, since in Trieste there is no rule of law, but mere rule of fact.

Even the Commissar of the Government Francesca Adelaide Garufi (recently substituted) who, as guarantor of the Peace Treaty, should exercise her mandate by enforcing the law, took action as Prefect instead, requesting herself measures to be taken against a citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste who denounces to public opinion the Italian misgovernance of Free Territory of Trieste. A misgovernance that, among other things, turned Trieste and its port in a huge dumping site of State for the many Italia mafias, as well as reducing the city to unprecedented poverty and unemployment.

But, again, nobody shall talk about it, the pact of silence (of State) must rule undisturbed. And the disturbers of the “constituted disorder” must be condemned. Even with no trial and without  a proper complaint. Like it has happened in this case. Maybe just to confirming the truthfulness of what I explained in my post – which Italian institutions seems to have cared very much about – in regard to the special courts of the Fascist regime that substituted the civil and well-organised Mitteleuropean justice at the time of the Italian annexation of Trieste (1920-1943), my conviction has been actually ruled without even a complaint presented against me, using the ill-famed instrument of the decreto penale di condanna – criminal decree of conviction. A preventive conviction without trial, as part of a legal proceeding opened in breach of the law. A very brutal simplification for a justice that does not exist.

A “brutal” simplification of the law, yet, carried out without anyone noticing it, in the hands of the State Police, which requested the restrictive measure, up to the Prosecuion Office of the Republic in Trieste, which sent the act that could not have been proceeded further to the Prosecution Office in Bologna, which, on the bes of the same act requested the conviction of a person who had not even been reported, and obtained it, too, from the Judge of preliminary investigations, who instead should have ended it all, and for a crime that took place in come “unregistered place” (actually, in another State, over which Italy had no jurisdiction). There are just too many mistakes. But enough to picture an illegal action, serious and intimidatory, worth the police of a regime.

It is all more alarming violations of fundamental rights, which should make us think: even the worst enemies deserve the right to defend themselves. This is the law in a State that stands for the rule of law and protects human rights, like the Free Territory of Trieste is. Here there cannot be special courts with “special” proceedings. Here there are no preventive convictions without even a trial or political trials: because this is a land of legality.

But we shall not fall to the intimidatory pressing worth a police State, we must not give up. We are in sight of the day in which the Free Territory of Trieste becomes free also from the arbitrary proceedings of special Italian courts.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante