Free Trieste

The Free Territory of Trieste’s National Anthem

The Free Territory of Trieste's National Anthem

Photo by Ketty Cesar.

Trieste and the “Inno a San Giusto

Composer Giuseppe Sinico (b. Trieste, 2 October 1836 – d. Trieste, 31 December 1907) is the author of the Inno a San Giusto (Saint Justus’ hymn).

Triestine composer Giuseppe Sinico, author of the Free Territory of Trieste's future national anthem.

Triestine composer Giuseppe Sinico.

In 1894 Mr. Sinico first presented in Austrian Trieste his opera “Marinella” celebrating Trieste’s stand against Venice’s sieges. Indeed, the opera’s title and lyrics recall the Triestines battle cry: Viva San Giusto! (Long live Saint Justus!). The opera is indeed a popular success.

During the good British-US administration, on official events the Inno a San Giusto played as the Free Territory of Trieste‘s National Anthem.

Today the Free Trieste Movement, which stands for the rights of the present-day Free Territory’s citizens, residents, and enterprises plays the Inno a San Giusto during its most important events.