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Outrageous posters by fake supporters of the independence

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Free Trieste about the outrageous posters of fake pro-independence activists

The Free Trieste Movement deplores the fact that small, fake pro-independence activists displayed in the streets of the city a very visible poster with the outrageous slogan «Né italiani né titini siamo solo triestini» (Not Italians, nor Tito’s partisans, we are just Triestines), which offends the history and culture of Trieste as well as the European Resistance Movement.

Those small dissident groups act for mere electoral purposes, damaging Trieste’s image with their unacceptable behaviors, spreading false information, and promoting absurd claims over former “Zone B”.

Those people have nothing to do with the legal and political-diplomatic battle for the complete enforcement of the present-day Free Territory of Trieste’s rights.

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement