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18 May 2012: the Free Trieste Movement writes on Facebook that “In Trieste has just arrived the first train of waste from Campania, while local parties and authorities stay silent. We have railroads reaching off our whole industrial zone, which any State worth this name would use to transport freight, while here they are abandoned to rot by the provisional Italian administration, except when it is time to take in some waste. Triestine, wake up!!!”. Under this post, derogatory antislovene comments by Valter Lot ad outright obscene comments by s.c. Luca de Trieste.

There are many ways to interpret the scandalous trafficking of waste from Campania to Trieste. And they are all unpleasant. Essentially, Trieste is perfect to make huge quantities of very inconvenient waste from Campania disappear.

“Perfect” because the local authorities have obliged, deceiving their citizens, and failing to informe them about it.

There is no official record about how much waste has come so far. At least 25,000 tonnages. But since the “system” works so well, it is easy expecting that there is more to come. Indeed, on May 17th the Ecomafias’ first “waste train” reached Trieste.

The Municipality of Trieste sees its chance to do some business and nothing more. Indeed, the company in charge of the local incineration plant (ACEGAS-APS) is its subsidiary company, listed on the stock exchange. One that needs earning as much money as possible. Especially because it has a near-default deficit of half a billion Euro.

Hence, the more you waste burn the more money for the Municipality you make. Or so it should be. The ACEGAS-APS’s default is the result of a mismanagement that seems to hide illegal funding to the parties of the politicians involved).

And this is why we have trains taking loads of waste here. Trains are safer (no controls), and they transport huge quantities of waste.

The operation needed silence. Deadly silence (given the topic). Unfortunately for the plan’s designer, there still are people with open eyes. So, the rather unclear business is now served to public opinion.

It was our organization (Greenaction Transnational) to discover the first train from Campania as it reached Trieste, and we wrote about it as well as recording a video showing the train and how containers loaded with waste are transported to the local incineration plant.

The video, an interview to me, is about the ongoing situation. Many have shared it, it gained praise (it is an investigative report after all), but also insults.

This is how Valter Lot comments about me:

“From this billiard ball’s skull formation he certainly is a fuc. sciavo* shame on you”.

* translation noteSciavo is a derogatory slur equating the Slovenes to “slaves” because it sounds similar to Slav. The word comes from slovo (“word“), it has nothing to do with slavery.

Because of my stands for civil rights, I have  received intimidations (plenty), death threats (many) before. In this place, those taking a serious stand for legality are immediately faced with an insuperable barrier: the stricter than ever connections between Italian nationalists, including far-right factions, and the criminality in Free Territory of Trieste.

Such racist remarks express very well how highly Italy regards Trieste. Some nice trash bin for Italian waste. A conquered land without rights, where the Camorra has more right than the “subhuman” Triestine “sciavi”.

Tratto dal blog “Ambiente e Legalità” di Roberto Giurastante

The video (in Italian):