Free Trieste Movement

Trieste Libera: urgent notification to the authorities about the damages and dangers caused by the delay in the payment of income contributions to citizens in need

The Free Trieste Movement addressed the Commissioner of the Government and Prefect, the Chief of the Police, and the Prosecutor of the Republic with an urgent note regarding the social damages and dangers for public order caused in Trieste by abnormal delays in the payment of contributions that support the incomes of thousand of citizens and families that live in poverty.

In the note, Free Trieste underlines the extraordinary seriousness of this problem, and the fact that local, well-paid political establishment shows no interest for the difficult situations and vital problems of the citizens in difficulty, instead, they spend public money on unimportant public works or fund their friends, like the EUR 165,000 for a private exhibit by Vittorio Sgarbi.

The document, in Italian and in English: LINK

Update May 15th: new version of the document, as presented to the Protocol Office of the General Commissioner of the Italian Government in the Region.

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement

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