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Trieste: fixer from Naples scams dissident supporters of independence

In Trieste, the dissident little groups of supporters of independence lead by Giorgio Marchesich and others were fooled by an old fixer from Naples, born in Caserta, Gian Gaetano (also said Nello) Caso, whose name appears connected with scandals of Italian military secret services (1990-91 “Kollbrunner case” regarding the international laundering of bank stocks stolen by the banda della Magliana – Magliana gang LINK to the investigation of newspaper La Voce di Trieste) and, even in recent times, in a series of bankruptcies, arrests, and trials for serious crimes.

In particular, it results that in 2011 Caso was arrested for banking illegalities worth more than EUR 200 million, false invoices amounting to EUR 9 mission, milioni di euro di fatture false, fictitious capital increases amounting to EUR 80 million EUR, bankruptcy involving fraud, aggravated fraud attempt against Italian Region Abruzzo to obtain, unlawfully, public funds, falsehood, aggravated slander, and resistance to a representative of public authority.

The fixer had come from Rome to Trieste in October of this year, suggesting the supporters of independence to establish, under his personal control and thanks to Italian supports and funding, an illegal Government of the Free Territory of Trieste (which is entrusted by the British-United States governments to the Italian Government, under a mandate of temporary civil administration) and to occupy its northern Free Port with private police forces, in order to cause international incidents.

The political and financial proposals of the Italian fixer were a rough provocation, clearly in breach of the legal order and against the legitimate interests of the present-day Free Territory of Trieste, of the International Community, and of the Republic of Italy itself. The Free Trieste Movement did therefore take case to document the provocation, to reject it, and to report it.

The little dissident groups lead by Marchesich and others, instead, did easily fall in the trap of the fixer from Naples, accepting to establish his illegal and downgrading “Government” which, under the acronym “ICFPT” is now spreading grotesque and ungrammatical proclamations. This is an outright fraud, prosecutable also by judicial authorities for crimes of subversion against the legal order of the Free Territory under administration. Free Trieste does therefore invite everybody to not be involved with that.

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement

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