Free Trieste

Trieste Libera News – interviews to our international guests

On 30 October, after the conference about State and Free Port of Trieste for a “new Mitteleuropa” Trieste Libera News interviewed Free Trieste’s gusts.

They are from Austria, the Czech Republic and Southern Tyrol: Alexander Šimec, president of the Schwarze-Gelbe Allianz, Tibor Pásztory, representative and chief of foreign policy of Austrian liberal party NEOS, Marek Pavka, vice-president of the Movaven – Mährerpartei, and Sven Knoll, director of Süd-Tiroler Freiheit.

The interviews are in English, German and Italian, subtitles in English are coming soon for German and Italian.

– Alexander Šimec (in English): LINK

– Tibor Pásztory (auf Deutsch): LINK

– Marek Pavka (in English): LINK

– Sven Knoll (in italiano): LINK