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Free Trieste about the Covid-19 Health Emergency

Free Trieste about the Covid-19 Health Emergency

There are people asking if the anti-Covid-19 health precautions established by the Italian Government apply also to the present-day Free Territory of Trieste.

The answer is: yes, they are in force because, as known, the Italian Government exercises on Trieste the sub-mandate of temporary civil administration that is entrusted to it by the Governments of the US and of the UK as primary administering authorities on behalf of the UNSC.

Other people consider illegitimate the temporary limitations established by law to reduce new infections and the escalation of the pandemic, arguing that such limitations are unprecedented in peace times.

The truth is, this is a needed extension of the same restrictions that are enforced to limit any dangerous contagion on the local level.

Furthermore, nobody limits the freedom to critique, discuss, or propose initiatives to correct any precautionary measures that may appear ineffective, unsuitable, or even harmful.

There are also people who do not respect these limitations because they do not believe the virus be dangerous, or they think it is overrated due to mistakes or other reasons.

Unfortunately, this opinion is disproved by clear evidence of the opposite, which, as for now, comes from almost all Countries of the world.

This is why the Free Trieste Movement respects and asks respect for the anti-Covid-19 regulations, and discourages being negligent on this matter.

The office of the Movement, in Piazza della Borsa 7, remains open, however, Free Trieste reserves to update its schedule or restrict access to the office upon prior notification on its official media:

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