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15 September: Free Trieste does not participate to pro-election demonstrations; instead, it celebrates in piazza della Borsa

15 September: Free Trieste does not participate to pro-election demonstrations; instead, it celebrates in piazza della Borsa

On 15 September, certain self-declared “pro-independence” small political parties are holding an event in piazza S. Antonio, Trieste, claiming it to be a “unitary” demonstration and implying that the Free Trieste Movement is part to it.

The truth is that those few people do nothing but attempting to sabotage the political-diplomatic initiatives and legal actions of the Free Trieste Movement, and they do so by promoting inappropriate extremism, absurd demands that breach the 1947 Treaty of Peace, and also illegitimate territorial claims on former “Zone B”.

Equally absurd is their call for independence, because Trieste is already independent since 1947. All that Trieste needs is the correct enforcement of its provisional administration, which is sub-entrusted to the Italian Government by the Governments of the United States and of the United Kingdom on behalf of the UN Security Council.

This result cannot be achieved with electoral rallies and rhetoric, but only through correct information, legal actions, and the establishment of the rights contacts on the right levels.

This is why Free Trieste celebrates the 15th of September opening, from 9AM to 8PM, its head office in piazza della Borsa 7, Trieste, for a buffet and an exhibit about “The good British-US Government of the Free Territory of Trieste” in its two forms: the occupation Government (1945-1947) and the provisional State Government (1947-1954).

Press office of the Free Trieste Movement