Free Trieste

More bluffing from Giorgio Marchesich & his group

Trieste, 11 February 2019 – On the Sunday, February 10th issue of local newspaper “Il Piccolo” there is an article about a press conference during which Mr. Giorgio Marchesich seemingly announced, once again, to have established an electoral roll and, this time, he claims that «all members of the pro-independence world, from piazza della Borsa to the Viale, are represented in it».

The Free Trieste Movement, located in piazza della Borsa, disproves him and specifies to have nothing to do with Mr. Marchesich and the electoral purposes of his or any other local, small “pro-independence” groups, which lack competences, serious contents, and effective actions.

Free Trieste does not participate in Italian elections, it is not a political party, and does not need to be since it works on completely different levels.

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement