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What is happening in the Free Territory of Trieste as for the unresolved question of environmental pollution? In the past two years, since it became impossible denying this dramatic situation, public administrations launched a campaign of propaganda to attempt reassuring public opinion.

Propagandas that would be impossible without the necessary support of the main source of disinformation of the Italian regime in the Free Territory of Trieste: monopolistic newspaper Il Piccolo.

Sure, it is no longer easy hiding the existence of the huge landfills that cover this little State under a provisional regime of Government the is entrusted to the Italian Government. However, it is possible confusing the people, making them believe the situation is just fine, absolutely under control.

To this point, the evidences of this environmental disaster are available to all, at least since news can no longer be completely censored by the media of the regime. And since the publication of [the Italian edition of] book Tracks of Legality – how Italian corruptions and mafias pollute the Free Territory of Trieste, which does directly address this situation, covered under decades of silence by the authorities that turned Trieste in the landfill of Italy for their own interest.

Italian pollution in the Free Territory of Trieste does, in facts, continue one day after another. For example, thanks to an incineration plant that is not used much for local waste (the Free Territory, with its 212 km2, is self-sufficient for that), rather, to dispose waste from Italy.

Especially the waste nobody wants, the ill-famous hazardous and special waste (names that hide those poisons that must simply disappear in secret) which, from their land of production (Southern Italy) are sent North. And Trieste is the ultimate destination for this deadly poison of State.

After being used during one of the many emergencies of waste that affect Campania (in 2012, as I denounced with Greenaction Transnational: LINK), the incineration plant of Trieste has once again captured the interests of those who manage this remunerative business at the expenses of public health.

The traffic of waste seems to have started again, with big trucks transporting to the Free Territory of Trieste special waste from both Campania and Lazio. It seems like mafia capitale and the Camorra have found a convenient, final site to dispose their scraps. And this happens, once again, thanks to the availability of local administrations.

Again, the incineration plant of Trieste is oversized, and it is regarded as no more than a device to make money. The more waste it burns, the most the private budgets of the company that manages it increase.

Yes, because the incineration plot of Trieste, a property of State of the Free Territory of Trieste, was transfert to an Italian company, group Hera, in which merged the former municipal undertaking of Trieste that managed the disposal of waste.

The problem is, the more waste is burnt, the severest are the consequences on the health of the local population. More waste means more tumorous illnesses. And not just for the citizens of the Free Territory, but also for their Slovenian neighbours, who are fully affected by the clouds of dioxins that fall far beyond Capodistria – Koper and the literal of Slovenia.

But, in the end, all that matters is that nobody knows. And then, there is a scapegoat: the Steelworks of Servola, which are portrayed as the only polluting industrial plant in Trieste. On the other side, Slovenia has never paid much attention to this transboundary pollution, despite having no defense against it.

Now there are discussions to strengthen this traffic of death the follows the Naples-Rome-Trieste route. Ten trucks per week, loaded with 40 tonnages of poison. It would mean about 19,000 tonnages per year. Which means, 15% of the waste disposed in the incineration plant of Trieste every year. Lots of waste, too much waste. Especially considering that it is very hazardous. But they want to burn even more, because the people of Trieste accept anything.

In facts, the resilient people of the administered Free Territory keep sorting waste for nothing, paying very high bills  to allow others to use their incineration plant (which is built within the International Free Port of Trieste, above a landfill of dioxin, hidden by Italian administering authorities), without even knowing what is being burnt in there. All it takes is pretending it is all right, while being granted a slow death, one day after another.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante

Deaths per 1000 inhabitants in each Province: Trieste has one of the highest death rates.
There are many cancers and respiratory diseases.