Free Trieste Movement




The complaint of Lawyer Edoardo Longo is clear: in Trieste, judicial authorities are enforcing the repression of all citizens who do not claim Italian sovereignty over the Free Territory of Trieste. A sovereignty that is simulated since 60 years also by the Court of Trieste and by the judges who act outside their jurisdiction without a proper mandate and in breach of the very Italian laws that, contrary to their actions, recognize the Free Territory of Trieste.

This aggressive action does especially target the Free Trieste Movement, and it consists in political attacks (supported also by the press) inciting individuals and authorities, often explicitly, against its leaders, members, and supporters.

The attacks do also target the lawyers of the Movement directly, lawyer Edoardo Longo in particular: as early as in 2013, the President of the Criminal Section of the Court of Trieste, Filippo Gulotta, in a public statement, requested disciplinary measures be taken against him by the Bar Association, and for the only reason that he is the main lawyer of Free Trieste s part of his professional duties.

Mr. Gulotta himself had also requested actions be taken against the Free Trieste Movement to the local branch of the Italian National Association of Magistrates (ANM – Associazione Nazionale Magistrati) and to the Prosecution Office of the Republic in Trieste. Punitive actions from the Prosecution Office and censorship by the political branch of Italian magistracy.

And he obtained both, establishing an unbearable atmosphere consisting also in the forced militarization of the hearing in which are involved members of Free Trieste, to the point each supporter who wants to partecipate to the public hearing of the intimidating trials is identified; it is the trials that followed other intimidating actions of the Prosecution Office of the Republic in Trieste, namely by Public Prosecutor Federico Frezza who, side by side with local newspaper “Il Piccolo” did go as far as threatening to put on file the members and the supporters of the Movement (even having the police seizing the lists from its head office), the public servants with the loss of their job, the elderly with the loss of pensions.

A situation worth a police regime instead of a democratic State. Which reminded to many the dark ages of the Fascist regime, when special courts were the rule and the only right of those persecuted was to be punished.

Isn’t the Free Territory of Trieste a democratic State, entrusted to the administration of the Government of a democratic State, which is what the Republic of Italy should be?

How comes that, in spite of the rules of itv own statute, the ANM, instead of granting the compliance of the roles and duties of the Italian Magistracy to the Constitution and the needs of the Rule of Law of a democracy, along with the consequent importance and respect for the judicial role, did side with or supported this environment situation that was abnormal since the real beginning, made of threats and political-judicial pressing, to the point it adopted, without prior verification, thus for political reasons, the threats of Mr. Gullotta against the Free Trieste Movement, its members, and its supporters?

How comes that the members and supporters of Free Trieste, but also any citizen of the Free Territory of Trieste who expressed their own political views, being tried before Italian magistrates who belong to the ANM (A fact of extraordinary relevance, since the Italian ANM claims that 96.8% of Italian magistrates in service – 8334 out of  8608 – belong to it and adhere to all of its political directives with four internal electoral lists) which, for the official declarations of its heads were never denied, implements prejudicial and political opinions against the Free Trieste Movement, its members, its supporters and even its lawyers?

How is is possible that, facing this attack to legality, the Bar Association remained silent, without even condomini the threats against the lawyer who defends the Free Trieste Movement, Edoardo Longo?

The Court of Cassation must answer all those questions, and soon. Because Edoardo Longo, an Italian lawyer, was strong enough to denounce this subversive, illegal situation, requesting all trials be deferred to another authority due to the clear environmental incompatibility of the Judicial Bodies of the Court of Appeal of Trieste and specific environmental incompatibility. Because what is happening in Trieste does also constitute a subversive action against the Italian legal system. But no lawyer in Trieste denounced it.

In his appeal, lawyer Longo does also write that, when it comes to the Italian National Association of Magistrates: “the existence of kind of a secret organization (Namely: Italian National Association of Magistrates) whose members are not known to the public and, in particulat, to those subject to this jurisdiction, which Dr. Gulotta addressed and “called to war against the Free Trieste Movement”, confirms the environmental incompatibility of the Court of Trieste” –  Secret organizations whose members are unknown to the public are prohibited by law. Each citizen has the right to know to which political body or corporation belongs the authority that judges them, especially when that body has called for a “crusade” against that citizen.

The Court of Cassation, but not only that. Next year, the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste are most certainly addressing also international courts. And the abuses committed against them by Italian judicial authorities won’t be irrelevant in this trial in the name of legality.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante