Free Trieste Movement



After the huge demonstration of Sunday, 15 September [2013], anniversary of the independence of the Free Territory of Trieste, it was impossible for the city to stay indifferent. Thousands of citizens of Trieste marched in the streets, demanding the end of Italy’s simulation of sovereignty over the present-day FTT could not remain unnoticed.

The people of the FTT stand firm claiming their rights, as established with the 1947 Treaty of Peace with Italy. And Italy, which simulates its sovereignty over it, trampling on all  principles of international law, is not willing to stop. Hence its attack, with an intimidating campaign worth a dictatorial regime, which involves all the institutions of this Italian Republic, now showing its worst side.

This violent, intimidating campaign uses all media, strictly controlled by the State of Italy. The only exception being independent newspaper La Voce di Trieste, a stronghold of free information in a State under attack.

And it is exactly this fearless newspaper that denounces, in spite of the many false information spread by monopolist local daily paper Il Piccolo, funded by the Italian Ministry of foreign policy, the lie of the United Nations siding against the Free Trieste Movement due to the alleged improper use of the symbols of the UNO during its demonstrations.

The news was published on a full page, an article signed by Pier Paolo Garofalo and titles “Using the symbols of the UNO is illegal”. The journalist published also an interview to Italian officer of the UNRIC Fabio Graziosi, claiming he had expressed political  views against the Free Trieste Movement, as well as threats of legal actions to be brought forward by the Italian Ministry of foreign policy.

Plain false. La Voce di Trieste, denouncing the seriousness of such facts, contacted the director and vide director of the UNRIC in Bruxelles, and they both confirmed that their representative had never expressed those views. Il Piccolo published false information in order to get the UNO involved in the actions against the Free Trieste Movement. It is a scandal, an unbelievable, unacceptable scandal.

But there is more. In the same article, the local newspaper published the harsh declarations of the Prefect and Commissar of the Italian Government in Trieste, Francesca Adelaide Garufi, against Free Trieste and against the citizens who partecipate to the 15 September demonstration. According to the representative of the provisional Italian government  “… The criteria used is to take action only when there are grounds for individual prosecution, therefore whenever the denial of the authority of the State became ground for individuals to breach the law. But if the situation escalates, other means shall be deemed appropriate.

Also, the Commissar of the Italian Government praised the behavior of Italian magistracy because, according to her, it is answering “punctually and correctly” to the citizens of Trieste who deny Italian sovereignty over their State. Note that, to this day, such “punctual and correct” answers of Italian magistrates (which a prefect and Commissar of teh Government should not be involved with under the Italian Constitution…) were the rejection, without reasons, of the exceptions of the lack of jurisdiction presented by the citizens of the FTT, or, in the rare cases in which the judged discussed such exceptions in the merit, their decisions were vitiated by falsehood, since they willingly misinterpreted both the contents of the Treaties and their very interpretation, which depends – as implemented in the legal system of Italy – not on the will of the Court, but on the provisions of the Vienna Convention on the law of Treaties.

Instead, Italian Courts appealed to “ideologic” interpretations which, as such, are mere political doctrines without legal value, or else they recalled other decisions with the same illegalities (like the ordinance of judges Morvay, Spadaro, Pacilio in legal proceeding  1888/13 before the Civil Court of Trieste and judgment No. 400/2013 of the Regional Administrative Court for Friuli Venezia Giulia) .

The “Garufi views” are especially clear given the threats to public officers who, accordino to her, being payed by Rome should not dare to join demonstration for the FTT. This is why the direct blow hit assessor Fabio Longo of the Municipality of Muggia, who participated – as a citizen! – to the 15 September demonstration along with other representatives of the institutions. Mr Longo is an “inconvenient” politician, for he is independent, a white sheep between the black representatives of the system of corruption that the State of Italy fuels in its “dear” Trieste. This is why they want to get rid of him.

Commissar Garufi gave a lecture of reverted law, on the other side, her first action here in Trieste was confirming, with an illegal decree, the suspension of the Free Port regime in the Northern sector of the port of Trieste, as well a allowing it to be opened, paving the way for its illegal transformation in an urban area. Which is exactly the goal of a powerful cartel of real estate businessmen under anti-mafia question, whose goal is to realize a huge, private housing and building speculation eliminating the precious free zones of the so-called “Old Port”.

All of this in breach of UNSC Resolution S/RES/16 (1947) and in breach of the Treaty of Peace of the same year, both establishing the inviolability of the International Free Port of Trieste and the independence of the City. The same legal instruments establish also the citizens of the FTT and their rights. But, in spite of her own mandate, Commissar Garufi considers “scrap paper” all of it: including the rule of law.

Finally, this week of propaganda ends with the “panicking system” releasing the statements of political parties, those who feel the loss of control the most after decades of unpunished crimes. Again, their violent expressions are interesting, but not surprising. So, following the line of the calls for repression of Commiar Garufi, we see the representatives of center-right parties demanding “ltaly puts an end to the FTT”. A drastic end, apparently.

According to “fortune teller” Piero Camber (PDL), who just retires with a luxurious Italian pension from Italian politics (a lifetime EUR 3.159 each month, and he is just 56 years old!), also brother of former Senator Giulio Camber (in his long career, he did also belong to the “Lista per Trieste” – “List for Trieste”), and representative of the politicians who abandoned Trieste to Italy’s abuses for their own privileges, the citizens of Trieste who refuse to pay Italian taxes shall live a nightmare: “Equitalia is merciless. Love but inexorable, it won’t stop”. So says the well-behaved Italian nationalist politician.

Merciless Equitalia, which is destroying the economy and social tissue of bordering Italy, ruining millions and driving many to suicide, on the other side, here in Trieste is facing the legitimate opposition of the citizens who appeal to the Treaty of Peace (art. 5 Annex X) are willing to pay taxes, but only for their own State. Which again, is not Italy. Italy cannot tax them, as it cannot tax, for example, the Swiss population in Ticino just because many people speak Italian there.

As for the theft of Properties of State of the Free Territory of Trieste, committed in the name an on behalf of the Republic of Italy, there shall be an international trial to estimate the actual entity of the damages caused to Trieste and to its International Free Port, but also to the rights of all Countries and their enterprises over it.  Even just recovering the Properties of State, the use of their revenues – or the damages caused by their loss – and of its assets illegally taken by the State of Italy, we are talking about several thousands of billions of Euro. Enough to justify the nervousness of the representatives of Italian institutions.

Nervousness that drives them to define the FTT as a “Police State” (Paolo Rovis PDL) who maybe mixes it up with the provisional administration of the Italian Government, which breaches the law but is very much appreciated by Italian politicians, or even – this is far worse – someone advocates for Italian secret services to take action and get rid of the heads of the Free Trieste Movement, as did, with no shame, another representative of the PDL, Regional Councillor Bruno Marini, in a disgusting interview released to Il Piccolo (again) on 21 September.

He did even attack me as an individual, calling me “a constant danger” and, even, the representative of the Italian political caste said: “I liked the statement of prefect Garufi to Il Piccolo. I think our services should take action…”.

We won’t give up to such threats. We cannot give up to the ruthless actions of the people who trample on out rights. We shall stand for freedom. We are the people of the Free Territory of Trieste.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante

A derogatory writing “Giurastante to death” on a wall in Trieste; it does also display a Swastika and a runic S. Despite its nature and intimidating elements, it wasn’t easy having it removed.