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LNG terminal in Trieste: Slovenia is against it and vigilant

On June 23rd, in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in the conference room of the Slovenski Svetovni Kongres, took place the announced press conference of Alpe Adria Green – AAG and of Greenaction Transnational against the LNG terminal that the Italian Government still wants to build in the Port of Trieste. The event was attended by press, and by representatives of the Government of Slovenia and of the Embassies accredited in Slovenia.

The technical reports of the environmentalists were presented by Vojko Bernard and Franc Malečkar on behalf of Alpe Adria Green, and by Roberto Giurastante on behalf of Greenaction Trasnational. The representative of the Ministry of the Environment, Vesna Kolar Planinšič, confirmed the opposition of the Government of Slovenia, the intention to monitor the developments of the project with the greatest attention, even during August. The representative of the Austrian Embassy showed particular interest for the situation.

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