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Municipal elections 2016: thanks from the Free Trieste Movement

Municipal elections 2016: thanks from the Free Trieste Movement

The Free Trieste Movement thanks all those who, during the 2016 municipal elections, exercised the right of passive and active abstention, refusing the whole Italian political-institutional system, which is inept and corrupted, and it does also thank all the activists who worked hard to prepare the campaign to promote abstention.

The fact that 52.6% of the voters all together have chosen passive abstention, the leading edge being active abstentions, which consist in lodging a declaration at the polling stations, is an extraordinary result, it confirms the correctness of this choice as well as reducing to 26.3% the actual support of the newly elected mayor, Dipiazza, and lowering to 23.7% the support of his now defeated opponent, Cosolini.

In Trieste, this result does also end the arrogant dictatorship of PD hierarchs Cosolini-Serracchiani-Russo-Rosato-Renzi who want to force, by illegal means covered with mere propaganda, the international fraud against the Northern Free Port and the suffocation of the whole international Free Port of Trieste to divert its maritime traffics to the ports of Southern Italy, which are controlled by the mafias. Also, the confusion caused by the electoral rolls of the fake supporters of independence is finally over.

Reinforced by the new numbers and facts, the Free Trieste Movement has already started the collection of signatures to request the Municipalities of Trieste and of Muggia be placed under compulsory administration until the legitimate elections of the Free Territory of Trieste, with which it will be finally possible establishing a new, serious, competent administrative-political class, independent from the Italian political system.

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