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23 May 2016: the Police of the Italian Republic controls the entrante of the Court of Trieste, militarized for the political trial opened by Italian judicial authorities against 19 citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste who demonstrated against the illegal attempts to destroy the Northern sector of the international Free Port of Trieste in breach of the 1947 Treaty of Peace with Italy.

New hearing of the trial against 19 (17, after two of them had separate trials) citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste, under trial for taking part to a demonstration in defence of the Free Port of Trieste allegedly not authorized by the Questura – Italian Police Head Office. It is an inconvenient trial. The guarantors of the established disorder, meaning the simulation of Italian sovereignty over the present-day Free Territory of Trieste, would want to portray the peaceful citizens who struggle for law enforcement in subversive criminals: thats their plan.

And so, the Prosecution Office of the Republic in Trieste, represented by Public Prosecutor  Federico Frezza, incited police forces to forger evidences of crimes that were never committed in order to create a false charge grounded on attempts to subvert the Republic of Italy (LINK).

In one word, we the prole of the Free Territory of Trieste would be dangerous subversives because we defend our State, and the legal status established with the 1947 Treaty of Peace, which is also a law of the Italian Republic, the only thing we share with which being the Government, provisionally and since 1954.

Someone should explain to them, to those magistrates, that subversion consists in breaching the Constitution of the Republic of Italy. But that’s what they are doing, not us.

The atmosphere in the Court, fully-armoured by Italian police forces is the same as during all of our hearings: thick.

This Court of Justice, subtracted to the Free Territory to force on it the fake jurisdiction of Italy is kind of a symbol of the ongoing struggle of legality, represented by the citizens of Trieste, who declare their citizenship of the Free Territory claiming respect for their rights, starting from the right to their own, legitimate judicial system, versus illegality, represented by Italian magistrates who deny to the citizens all of their rights, exercising justice on behalf of the occupying State.

To reach the Courtroom it is first necessary trun the gauntlet of police checkups at the front-door. Many policement and Carbinieri, all armed to control citizens who do only bear the arm of their legal actions.

Same inside the Courtroom, the smallest of the Courthouse. Policemen and Carabinieri with weapons monitoring whoever gets in. The corridor is overcrowded. Then it starts. The judge begins as calm as any other time, firm, I try to intervene, but I am stopped: only lawyers can do so.

Maybe they think such a show of strength can intimidate us. But it is not the case. Our lawyer asks that the judge what jurisdiction is he exercising. As always, the judge doesn’t answer.

And the contestation of the accused persons starts again. Those who identify in Free Trieste declare to the judge that, one after another, as citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste, they cannot recognize him, for he acts outside his administrative jurisdiction.

This is how five citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste leave the hearing, denying the legitimacy of the decisions of a judge who, until prove of the contrary, is willing to judge them under in breach of both the law of the Italian Republic that he thinks he represent but, and the law of the Free Territory of Trieste where he is, because both laws rule that the Free Port of Trieste, State Corporation of the present-day FTT cannot be thorn apart by the speculations of the Mafia, to which the accused persons were opposing.

Not giving up.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante

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