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Trieste Libera News – 29 February 2016: standing with legality

Yesterday, 29 February, 2016, took place a new hearing of the trial against heads and supporters of the Free Trieste Movement, charged with taking part to a demonstration held on 10 February 2014 to defend the international legal status of the Northern Free Port, put at stake by a transversal consociation of politicians who at the time were already willing to remove the area from property of State to use it for a massive housing speculation worth EUR 1.5 billions and under serious antimafia questions (more about this: LINK and LINK).

Free Trieste held a sit-in before the Courhouse to show support for the citizens who are triade for standing with legality, as confirmed by a recent document of the UN Security Council, the international guarantor of the Free Territory and international Free Port of Trieste: about UNSC document S/2015/809.

Roberto Giurastante dedicated a post to this hearing, and publisehd it on his blog “Environment and Legality” at this LINK

Trieste Libera News recorded the final speech held during the sit-in: the President of Free Trieste explained what happened before Court and how the citizens of the Free Teritory of Trieste reacted firmly to the denial of their own rights.

The video has English subtitles and it is published at this LINK

More analysis about this trial were published by investigative newspaper “La Voce di Trieste” in Italian and English, we suggest at least the following two:

– La prima vittoria giudiziaria del Free Territory of Trieste: LINK // The first judicial victory of the Free Territory of Trieste: LINK

– Le nuove strategie giudiziarie del Free Territory of Trieste: LINK // The new judicial strategies of the Free Territory of Trieste: LINK

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