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Free Trieste: restore the border signs with Italy


Trieste, 11 February 2016. – The Free Trieste Movement has notified to the Commissar of the Italian Government in Trieste the request to restore the road signs of the border that had already been fixed by the previous Anglo-American provisional Government along the short border of State of the Free Territory of Trieste with Italy, established at article 4 of the Treaty of Peace of Paris of 10 February 1947.

Free Trieste considers that the restoration of the border signs on the border with Italy, which runs from the mouths of Timavo river to the border with Slovenia at point 208, «is necessary and appropriate to defend international and domestic legality, civil and military law and order, also in connection to the notorious problems cause by the increasing illegal trafficking of human beings and things, including traffics of weapons and drugs.»

The act in English: Signs_frontier_FTT-Italy

The act in Italian: Segnaletica_confine_FTT-Italia

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