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In fibrillation. The authors of the devastation of the environment of the Free Territory of Trieste are in difficulty now that the truth starts to emerge. It is no longer possible hiding that for decades, the environment and nature of a little State, entrusted by the United Nations to the Italian Government under a special trusteeship mandate, were indiscriminately used as a dumping site. And so those responsible for an epoch-marking environmental disaster take action to attempt reassuring public opinion, minimizing the extension of pollution.

Currently, we see this happening in relation to both the pollution of the hypogeum, which affects the Karst, and some zones subject to military uses. This is an operation lead by pure propaganda means, aiming to distract the subjects involved, which begin to increase in number and in authority.

Remediation of the polluted areas are promised as part of an electoral campaign (which is illegitimate, since the State of Italy has no sovereignty over the Free Territory of Trieste) which is incumbent, aiming to prevent the expected decline of voters and international credibility.

Because the question of the environment of the Free Territory of Trieste has already been brought to international attention. For example, by this blog of mine, which not coincidentally is named “Ambiente e legalità” (Environment and Legality), and is active since July 2011, receiving more and more visits from abroad.

Many of the news concerning the question of the environment of the Free Territory of Trieste are also on the website of Greenaction Transnational. An action of information that continues since 2008, based on researches that I conduced personally ever since far-off 1995. Serious investigations which made possible reconstruction the institutional means of action of the system of dumping sites of State built by Italy in the Free Territory of Trieste. I described it in my book “Tracce di legalità” (Tracks of legality).

One thing impressed me in the current interventions of the institutions about the environmental emergency of Trieste, this being that they seem to follow exactly the contents of some posts from my own blog and the research, for which I am responsible, which are published on the website of Greenaction Transnational.

So it happens that ever since the connection between the environmental disaster of the Free Territory of Trieste and some reckless operations conduced under Military Secrets of State were exposed, even medias start to pay attention to it. So, for example, it happens that one’s own articles are published, including pictures, by newspaper Il Piccolo, which takes them and omits to mention the source.

Might it be that they redeemed themselves (besides the serious lack of fairness consisting in plagiarism…) and are now willing to expose to public opinion the system that they were hiding ever since? Obviously not, it is just urgent calls to the authorities, for them to stop the crisis.

For example, the military depots in Montedoro (Muggia). Or when it comes to the area of the former dumping site of Trebiciano, where the men of Gladio trained.

The pollution of the Free Territory of Trieste is of the kind used to hide also other kinds of traffics, including that of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Because the dumping sites in the Free Territory of Trieste were useful for special operations of mafias and services, often entangled, while the Free Port of Trieste had, still has, a strategic importance in this situation. Essentially, all that the special trusteeship mandate entrusted to Italy granted to Trieste is to be a legality-free Territory.

This wide system of hidden dumping sites includes also Ferriera di Servola (steelworks), whose production activities was, and still is necessary to prevent that what remains of the dangerous traffics, which involved the port of Trieste even as a terminal for radioattive waste comes to light. Because the Lo steel plant is a huge open-air dumping ground in which are buried special waste, even military waste – which should have never entered the Free Territory of Trieste.

But above the poison, buried and covered, industrial activities go on. Pollution on pollution, to make it short. At least this is what Italian authorities think. Even if “invisible” pollution, which by now has inexorably reached the sea to the point of contaminating this far away strip of the Adriatic, is not less dangerous than the tonnages of dioxin dust which the industrial plants releases every day.

However, sweeping away the traces of this environmental disaster, hidden for decades by a pact of silence between the institutions, becomes less and less easy. It is a run against time to attempt eliminating inconvenient evidences, if found, maybe by moving them in other places, to hide them from prying eyes: we saw this happening with the “mysterious” drums which, after 40 years in the dumping site of Trebiciano, suddenly disappeared.

And right now, the Free Port of Trieste, which still hides many evidences of such criminal activities, within the Free Territory of Trieste, certainly is the safest place to hide the evidences of a crime of State which has gained the characteristics of an outright military aggression: a war to international legality, carried out by the institutionalized mafias of the Republic of Italy.

From the website of Greenaction Transnational:

Abandoned Italian Chemical weapons and military depots in the Territory of Trieste?

Translated from blog “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante