Free Trieste

State and Free Port of Trieste for a “new Mitteleuropa”

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Trieste. 30 October – On October 30, in Trieste, took place the announced conference of the Free Trieste Movement – FTM with the representatives of political organizations from the Czech Republic, Southern Tyrol and Austria, revolving on «The State and Free Port of Trieste for a new Mitteleuropa».

The speakers were Roberto Giurastante, president of the FTM (Trieste), Marek Pavka, vice-president of party Moravané – Mährerpartei (Brno-Brünn), Sven Knoll, representative of Süd-Tiroler Freiheit (Bozen-Bolzano), Alexander Šimec, president of the Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz (Vienna), Claudio Schiesl, representative of the Bewegung Freies Triest Österreich, Tibor Pásztory, who represents Austrian liberal party NEOS, and Paolo G. Parovel, responsible of foreign relations of the FTM, for the conclusions.

The interventions and conclusions were dedicated to the role of Trieste as independent State and international Free Port for the consolidation of a new Mitteleuropa founded on the special forms of cooperation between the weak States of the Danube-Balkan region, as a measure urgent and necessary for the economic, political ad strategic rebalancing of Europe, currently in crisis.

The organization that took part to the debate are those that support the petition of the FTM to the European Parliament for the regularisation of the relations between Trieste and the EU, as well as the newly established International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste – I.P.R. F.T.T., which has already announced the beginning of the actions of its delegates in the USA, in Austria, in the Czech Republic and in the United Nations.

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement