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The judgment issued on 10 August 2015 by the Court of Trieste with which the Court of Trieste condemned a man for declaring his citizenship of the Free Territory of Trieste: this decision repress (so far)the lowest level reached by the justice of the Country that should grant the rule of law in Trieste, in compliance with the Treaty of Peace that, since 1947, recognises its independence and is implemented in the Italian legal oder.

The same judge, with a second judgment (No. 784/15 of 8 September 2015) confirmed the hatred of Italian judicial authorities against each citizens of Trieste who opens the question of the Free Territory of Trieste.

This is a “punishing” judge, so it is not a coincidenze that he is in charge of ruling about the citizens who, on the base of the law, claim their rights but are harmless when facing the aggressiveness of the State of Italy and its representatives. A state of facts the consists in a simulation of sovereignty, based also on the control of the judiciary, that goes against the rule of law, supported by the citizens of Trieste: this is what is happening in the capital city of the Free Territory of Trieste.

Since 1954, Trieste and its international Free Port are entrusted by the Governments of the United States of America and of the United Kingdom to the responsibility of the Italian Government under a mandate of temporary civil administration, the Memorandum of Understanding of London, in the waiting for the appointment of the governor and election of the permanent government of the Free Territory of Trieste.

A temporary civil administration that must also grant the legitimate justice to the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste. Which means judges appointed by the provisional Italian Government should exercise justice on the bases of the laws of the Free Territory, which should be issued or extended by the Commissioner of the Governor, this not on the bases of the laws of the Italian Republic, which has no sovereignty over  Trieste.

But, given that this is what it should be, reality is very different. Since 1954, Trieste is oppressed by nationalistic propagandas the sole use of which is to deprive it of its own rights, for the advantage of few: in exchange of simulating Italian sovereignty, a nationalistic local Camorra has built its own realm, which it exploits with no shame (a good example of this is environmental pollution: I wrote about it in my investigative book, “Tracce di Legalità – come le mafie e le corruzioni italiane inquinano il Territorio Libero di Trieste” – “Tracks of Legality – how Italian mafias and corruptions pollute the Free Territory of Trieste”). And the Court of Trieste has become the stronghold of the degradation of authorities and humanity, which illegitimate judges must protect repressing any long for liberty and justice.

I know something about this by my own experience and not just because of my investigations on the serious pollution that affects the environment of the Free Territory of Trieste. I was the very first citizen of the Free Territory of Trieste to deny the jurisdiction of Italian magistrates who act in Trieste without a legitimate mandate of the provisional Government (LINK). Judges who claim to exercise Italian sovereignty over the Free Territory are incompatible with the status of Trieste, which is another State. I rejected Italian judges who, in spite of their own law and of the mandate entrusted to their Government, rejected by legitimate request to be judged under the law of the Free Territory, and I received heavy economic sanctions for the as well. Because this is what happens to those who do not accept the lies of the local nationalistic Camorra, to those who refuse to become accomplices of a crime of State that enriches few at the expenses of many: punitive judgments and repression of freedom is in the hands of the judicial guardians.

And it is this illegal, continuate line that follows judge Massimo Tomassini with his judgment, with which it punishes a member of the Free Trieste Movement who is guilty of declaring, and declaring his citizenship of the Free Territory of Trieste and for claiming respect for it. The judge under question is the same one who, in July 2013, during a trial in which I was the accused person and during which I was exercising my rights of citizen of the Free Territory of Trieste, was questioned during the very hearing by the citizens. The provocative behaviour of the judge had triggered the protest of the dozens of people who assisted to the hearing (LINK).

Not a big deal in a democratic State, still, this was the beginning of an intimidatory action by judicial authorities. On direct request of the President of the Criminal Department of the Court of Trieste, from that moment on, all hearings involving members of the Free Trieste Movement were guarded by armed Police and Carabinieri to keep under strict control harmless citizens who, for the mere fact of claiming their rights, represent an untrue to who, on the contrary, tramples on right in the name of Italian nationalists and personal gains, acting outside of all laws.

It seems like a return to the harsh Fascist era, which in this area lasted 25 blood-strained years when the citizens were forbidden any demonstration of their own identity. Now, in 2015, in Trieste, whoever claims their rights, established under the Treaty of Paris of 1947 is still persecuted and condemned. No longer by the judges of the Fascist Special Courts but by the “special” (standing for illegitimate) Courts of the Republic of Italy.

The fact that judge Massimo Tomassini has condemned a supporter of Free Trieste expressing, in the judgment lodged on August 10, the typical violence of a State that does openly show its ruthless, antidemocratic violence, should not come as a surprise, but as the very outcome of its Fascist legacy. The crime of the free from criminal records, in the end, does only consist in declaring to be a citizen of the Free Territory of Trieste, opposing to an illegitimate check of the Guardia di Finanza (the Financial Police, by collecting taxes in the name, on behalf, and in the budgets of the Italian Republic without such taxes being extended to – or being outright incompatible with – the status of Trieste, actin breach of the legal order established with th Treaty of Peace of 1947). This caused the complaint and the trial, guarded by Carabinieri (who are other military forces unauthorised and in breach of the neutrality of the Free Territory). The ending of this trial to legality is contained in the political ruling of the judge who does openly declare to be convicting a “rebelling” citizen – for exercising his own right, by refusing to recognize the sovereignty of theState of Italy over Trieste.

Crazy, but this is the current situation in Trieste: a land deprived of all rights and a pray of the mafias of Italy. It is worth referring the reasons of this representative of a justice that, in Trieste, violates any legal principle by its own illegal action: “The (citizen) refused to identify himself to the soldiers of the GdF (financial police) not out of a rude behaviour, or hostility as itself, rather, because of a precise ideological choice, and that being his believe to have no reason to fulfill a legitimate order of the Public Officers in his condition of citizen, not of Italy, but of the Free Territory of Trieste. Well, being certain that this judge will never stop repeating that Trieste is Italy; that in this city the only jurisdiction that matters is Italian; that the only law in force is Italian; that the only Public Security Forces worth this name are Italians; that, therefore, there is absolutely no room for any other self-declared power – and, at the same time, it is not even worth refitting the thesis according to which here in Trieste there would be a not better identified free territory of Trieste…-, it seems absolutely clear that claiming one’s own right to refuse identifying themselves to a public officer who belongs to the GdF and legitimately requests it is something much more serious than the same behaviour adopted, for example, sunder the influence of alcohol, which means driven by anger or again, as mentioned, for an intrinsic personal rudeness. The case of who, in facts, decides to adopt the omissive behaviour charged for the fact of not recognising the sovereignty of the State of Italy nor the legitimacy of its Public Security Forces, it is clear that we cannot call it a “not so serious”, since its very base is an hostile attitude towards the only legitimate System that most certainly cannot be evaluated and, on the contrary, deserves the suitable criminal sanction”.

The illegitimate Italian judge does not recognize the validity of the Treaty of Peace does therefore claim that is is needed convicting a citizen of the Free Territory of Trieste for exercising his very rights, which, on the other side, are even granted by the laws and Constitution of the Republic Italy. It sure is a serious legacy, that of Fascism in the Free Territory of Trieste. However, luckily, the future of Trieste does not depend on just the Republic of Italy and its Government…


Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante

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