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Copia di Tribunale 29 febbraio 2016 -30

Friday, July 17th, 2015. Even today, in front of the Palace of the Government of Trieste. The headquarter of the Commissar of the Government, who administers the present-day Free Territory of Trieste with the powers of the the Memorandum of London of Understanding of London signed on 5 October 1954. Here, the role of Commissar of Government is represented by Francesca Adelaide Garufi.

Today we are here to present the declarations of the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste who undersigned the charter of rights of the citizens and of the enterprises. This is an important document, presented on 20 May 2015, with the first 19 signatures and with which the signatories demand to the Commissar of Government to protect them from the prevarications of the State of Italy, which established a fake and illegitimate sovereignty over the Free Territory of Trieste, depriving them of their rights and forcing them, in breach of the Treaty of Peace and of the very laws of the Republic of Italy, to pay unduly taxes to the State that denies their rights, including representation: a full-on robbery.

To this day, we did reach and surpass 500 signatures on this important document, which represents the protection of the rights of the people of the Free Territory of Trieste. We demanded to lodge directly to the Commissar of Government the signatures, in order to explain the urgency of an intervention that can no longer be delayed. The price would be the very social stability of a land which, for Italy, means nothing but easy predation in the name of its own system of corruption.

The sufferance of the people is at its limit and the constant silence of the top official of the  current provisional Government can no longer be tolerated. While the Italian system of parties prepares the next election of 2016, attempting to divide the people of Trieste, in order to silence once again the question of the Free Territory of Trieste, the final attack to the International Free Port of Trieste is in course. Italy wants to close “case” Trieste within the earliest months of 2016, cancelling any trace of the Free Territory and all the rights of its citizens.

But the Commissar of Government, from the highs of her “special” powers, refused to recede us. Locked in the palace of the power of highest representative in Trieste of the Government that should protect the citizens of Trieste from the hostile actions of all hostile, third State, as the Republic of Italy, declined her responsibility, choosing silence to the dutiful answers, requested to her in the name of the Law.

Right, but to which law responds this typical representative of Italian-style burocracy? At the entrance of the Palace of the Government, occupied by the Prefect office, a plate reminds us that the monumental building, built by Austria – Hungary, would not belong to the State of Italy under the Treaty of Saint Germaine of 1919. Too bad for Italy that after the annexation of Trieste after World War I (which happened in 1920, with the Treaty of Rapallo), the whole public asset of the city was transfered, by virtue of the Treaty of Peace of 1947, to the State property of a new State sovereignty State: the Free Territory of Trieste.

Denying justice to the citizens who appeal to the law. Denying the law and the validity of international treaties. Governing, against the law, in the name of Italian hidden powers. All of this against the Free Territory of Trieste and its citizens. In a land without law, the anger of the oppressed folk is smouldering beneath the ashes.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante

Translation note: this is the plate about the ownership of public properties in Trieste


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