Free Trieste Movement

Trieste: 450 citizens sign the Charter of Rights of the Free Territory

Free Trieste: already 450 signatures on the “Charter of Rights” requested a meeting face-to face with the Commissar of the Government

Trieste, 7.15.2015. – Friday, July 17th, at 11AM, the Free Trieste Movement presents to the Commissar of Government, to the palace by the same name, the first 450 signature of adhesion to the «Charter of Rights of the Citizens and of the Enterprises of the Free Territory of Trieste». For the occasion, Free Trieste has requested a meeting face-to face with the Commissar of the Italian Government in Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Francesca Adelaide Garufi, to check the urgent measures on the matter.

The Movement does directly address the Commissar of the Government in the Region in her role of officer delegated, by virtue of article 70 of Constitutional Law No. 1/1963, to exercise the legislative and administrative powers of the temporary civil administration over the Free Territory of Trieste, entrusted to the Italian Government under the Memorandum of Understanding of London of 1954. This means those functions are also different from those of the prefect.

The “Charter”, formalized by Free Trieste in Italian and English on May 20th, 2015, summarizes the collective and individual rights of the citizens, residents and enterprises of the Free Territory of Trieste according to the establishing international instruments and according to the Italian laws of ratification and execution. The signatories formalize the will to directly exercise said rights, directly and with the related initiatives, like the current tax objections and the recent petition to the European Parliament.