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International Free Port of Trieste: a formal notice to the heads of the PD

International Free Port of Trieste: Free Trieste sends a formal notice to the heads of the PD

Free Trieste’s action against Serracchiani, Reggi, Cosolini, Rosato, Russo

Northern Free Port of Trieste, a strategic sector of the international Free Port of Trieste.

Northern Free Port of Trieste, a strategic sector of the international Free Port of Trieste.

Trieste, July 8th, 2015. – Tomorrow, July 9th, in Trieste, the Mayor, Roberto Cosolini, the President of the Region, Debora Serracchiani, the director of the Italian State Property Office, Roberto Reggi, all members of the PD, along with the Commissar of the Port Authority imposed by the PD last February, Zeno D’Agostino, are signing an agreement to declare the removal from State Property of the Northern Free Area of the international Free Port of Trieste and to hand it over to the Municipality for it to downgrade its areas, buildings and facilities to urban use and then sell those on the real estate market as soon as possible.

Therefore, the Free Trieste Movement, which opposes to those operations, notified today, July 8th, a powerful formal notice to the signatories of the agreement and to the Commissioner of Government, who exercises in Trieste the legislative and administrative powers entrusted to the Italian Government under the Memorandum of Understanding of London of 1954, in execution of the Treaty of Peace of Paris of 1947. The formal notice, which recalls also previous acts and opened procedures on the Italian, European and international level, states that the attempted elimination of the Northern Free Port is illegal under both Italian and international law.

This is why the formal notice contests that the responsible Italian politicians and Italian officers are liable of:

«alleged offenses organized and committed through abuse of office, ideological falsehood in public acts, taking advantage of the people’s credulity, fraud, obstruction of public concession procedures, criminal organization, in violation of article 1 of Law No. 17/1982 and under relevant anti-mafia and anti-corruption questions, in order to distract, for the profit of third-parties, a big, international production complex of unavailable public goods, of value about 1,5 billions Euro, causing an even further damage due to the consequent, permanent subtraction of maritime traffics, manufactures, production and opportunities of employment».

The document in Italian // in English.