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Free Trieste opens the case of the autonomous province of Trieste

Free Trieste opens before the Commissar the case of the autonomous province of Trieste

After opening the dispute before the European Union and that concerning fiscal regulation in force in Trieste, on July 1st, the Free Trieste Movement opened, before the Commissar of the Government, also the question of the current Province of Trieste, which results to be established as an autonomous body of the Free Territory under Order No. 259 of 1948, without continuity nor territorial identity with the homonymous and more extended province of the Kingdom of Italy which, as such, existed from 1922-23 to 1943.

The act notified from Free Trieste to the Commissar of the Government takes note that after the coming into force of the Treaty of Peace, the Republic of Italy did assign, under Legislative Decree of the Provisional Head of State No. 1485/1947, the remains and properties of the former Province of Trieste which remained within the borders of the State of Italy to the Province of Gorizia and it did never re-establish under an Italian Law its own province of Trieste as it has no jurisdiction over it, therefore, it cannot even dissolve it enforcing the recent laws issued by the Renzi Government and by the Region.

Therefore, the Free Trieste Movement demands to the Commissar of Government, as delegate of the Italian Government to the powers of temporary civil administration over the current Free Territory, to take care of regularizing in that sense the special case of the autonomous administration of the Province of Trieste in all respects, as well as to cease all the actions that is denounces as continued abuses.

Among those, the Free Trieste Movement underlines the projects of the Province to sell as its own the houses to be redeemed that the former AMG – FTT did instead assign to associations of employees and other workers. For example, the act mentions he houses in via Margherita 4, 4/1, 4/2 and 4/3, and it was also sent, for information, to the President and Councillors of the Province, as well as to the Land Registry Office.

The document in Italian: provincia(firma)

The document in English: province(signed)

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