Free Trieste

Join the Bewegung Freies Triest – Österreich

The Free Trieste Movement is also collecting membership requests on behalf of the Bewegung Freies Triest – Österriech.

Subscribing the Bewegung Freies Triest – Österriech costs 20 Euro and it lasts for a year starting from the subscription date. Under Austrian laws, anyone 16 years or older can join, even if they do not live in Austria. Also, we suggest joining the Free Trieste Movement as well.

The subscription form can be downloaded here: FTM-Austria_Mitgliedsformular

The membership fee can be payed online to the following bank account:

IBAN: AT454666010000011672


Receiver: Bewegung Freies Triest-Österreich

There are two ways to join the Bewegung Freies Triest – Österreich:

– Residents in the Free Territory of Trieste, can visiting the head office of the Free Trieste Movement in Piazza della Borsa 7 with the receipt of the payment and the form:

Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.30-12 e 16-19, on Saturday 16/19.

– Residents in Austria and worldwide can send the receipt and the form to this email: austria[AT]

In both cases, you will receive the membership card after the registration of your subscription is complete.