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Free Port: the document-formal notice sent by Free Trieste to municipal and region authorities

Monday, January 19th, the local administrators of Trieste has summoned a meeting of the City Council about the attempt to illegally remove from State Property the Northern Free Port and dispose that for the housing and building speculation in fulfilment of the fraud-laws that Senator Russo inserted, by deception, in the Italian financial law for year 2015.

The Free Trieste Movement did not take part to this meeting, because it does not recognize to the City Council neither legitimacy nor competence on the matter.

Free Trieste did, however, send to the administrators, City and Region Councillors – Trieste Libera ha invece inviato agli amministratori ed ai consigliati comunali e regionali, in the light of all legal  consequences, as well as to the press, a detailed official note which clearly shows the unlawfulness – under both international and Italian (constitutional and administrative) law – of the norms that Senator Russo had approved, and their absolute non-applicability.

The Free Trieste Movement considers disconcerting who almost all Italian politicians in Trieste sis not yet show enough capacities and sense of duty to understand the reasons why the operation, at the expenses of the Northern Free Port of Trieste, is illegal and devastating for both the work opportunities and the economy of Trieste, as well as rising founded and well-documented anti-corruption and anti-mafia questions.

This is where we annex the English translation of the note that we sent, for all the citizens and friends of Trieste to fully realise the nature and severeness of the situation, as well as the absolute irresponsibility of Italian politicians in Trieste: LINK

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement