Free Trieste Movement


With a note  dated July 28th, 2011 the European Commission has confirmed the opening of an investigation concerning the overall situation of environmental pollution involving the province of Trieste, the suspension of the duty-free regime of the Northern Free Port (“old” port) of Trieste, as well as about whenever Italian authorities respect human in Zone A of the Free Territory of Trieste – FTT . The complaint has been presented by me, in person, on July 11th, 2011 as a citizen of the Free Territory of Trieste, established by the Treaty of Peace of 1947.

The reasons of my appeal:

Ever since 1997, as a representative of Non-Government Organizations (currently Alpe Adria Green and Greenaction Transnational), I conduced many investigations concerning the environmental pollution of this particular area of Europe. I did also investigate certain aspects of the use of EU funds, especially when these were involved in projects for touristic development. I struggled to archive the actual participation of the citizens in environment-related procedures. Through detailed investigations, I did also take interest in the tenders for public works and in the biggest projects involving the concreting of the coast of the province of Trieste, but also in the problems regarding power plants (gas terminals), not to mention the massive building speculation in the area of the Northern Free Port of Trieste.

All these investigations lead me to report to Italian judiciary authorities what is, in fact, a “government system” based on the systematic violation of both Italian and Communitarian laws. But, at the end, I had to face the evidence that the very judiciary authorities were seriously involved in the “system”. All the cases I had reported were dismissed, often without further investigations and I, for reporting to the authorities and denouncing to public opinion situations of absolute importance, I had to undergo alarming threats and legal persecutions, in a situation consisting in a substantial deprivation of my very civil rights.

What I have reported to the communitarian authorities:

I denounced the environmental disaster of Trieste and its province, as well as the repression Italian authorities were conducing against me only because I had denounced to public attention this dramatic situation than has been hidden for decades to protect State interests, but also for opposing to the system of institutionalized corruption, which are both the direct causes of the devastation of this territory and the cause of the illegal traffics which were allowed to take place outside and above any law in the past 57 years of Italian administration.

In order to have a better understanding of what the “administration” entrusted to the Italian Government by the UNO meant for Trieste, I recommend dossier “D come discariche – L’operazione Attila e la devastazione della Venezia Giulia: pianificazione ed esecuzione di un crimine di Stato” published on the website of  Greenaction Transnational (to read it in English: “D for dumping sites – Operation Attila and the devastation of the Free Territory of Trieste: organization and execution of a State crime”).

This environmental disaster has also – completely – involved the international Port of Trieste, since one of the goals of this operation was to reduce it to a second-order-dock for it not to  overshadow Italian Ports. This negative transformation turned the former, first port of Austria-Hungary to face, on one side, the disuse of its precious free zone, otherwise a natural magnet for trade and traffics, and, on the other side, to face the creation of a dangerous oil terminal and its oppressive load of pollution. This is how  the Port of Trieste shared the ill-fate of the city and its territory, becoming a receptacle for hazardous waste and a “free zone” for the most dangerous trades, even these classified under the label of Secret of State. Coastal and marine dumping sites completed the receipt for the annihilation of a conquered land.

The last phase of the destruction of the Port of Trieste now consists in a forced conversion of its Northern Free Zone in an urban area, allowing a massive building speculation, amounting to 2 billions Euro. Houses, Hotels, recreational yacht basins, stores, casinos. A new Monte Carlo of the Balkans, this is the future they want for the city-port of Trieste: the perfect city for the Mafia. This final phase has been preceded by the recent suspension of theFree Zone regime of the Northern area of the port (“old” port), disposed by the Commissar of the Government in Friuli Venezia Giulia illegally, since Italian public servant did it outside their competences. Committing a clamorous violation of the Treaty of Peace, now reported to the EU.

The damages are enormous, especially for such a little territory, and can be estimated to about 100 billions of Euro, covering both environmental pollution and the effects of downgrading the international Port by suppressing its commercial traffics.

Violation of international right:

The facts I reported took place in the province of Trieste, which currently and still is the Free Territory of Trieste under the Treaty of Peace of 1947, and I  took action as a representative of organized Movements and as a European citizen, but also a citizen of the FTT in order to protect the environment and the interests of the community which are seriously harmed by Italy, the Member State of the EU currently entrusted with the management and administration of the Free Territory  and international Free Port of Trieste.

What I demanded to the EU:

That the European Commission, as for its role or guarantor of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the E.U. and also as guarantor of International Treaties, ensures the respect of International and Communitarian Law which Italy is violating in Trieste-FTT;

As citizen of Europe and of the FTT, appealing to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, undersigned by the EU, to have my fundamental rights granted, since Italian justice denies it;

That the European Commission informs the UNO that Italy took the unilateral decision to suspend the free port regime of the Port of Trieste by allowing, in breach of the 1947 Treaty of Peace, to use the Northern Free Port for other than port activities.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante on August 12th, 2011.