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In 2014, the Free Trieste Movement – Movimento Trieste Libera (FTM – MTL) which struggles for the recognition of the rights of the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste has gone through aggressions of increasing violence, carried out by Italian authorities. Because the increasing of the awareness of the citizens as for their rights is the main problem for a State that, since sixty years, exercises a forced sovereignty over Zone A of the Free Territory and Free Port of Trieste, in open violation of the Treaty of Peace of 1947.

This is why, facing the increasing of popular support towards the FTM, it was necessary acting through a terroristic strategy of tension. Which means intimidating the citizens who start believing in the cause through repressive actions against all the supporters of the pro-independence Movement. All of this, naturally, sustained by the local newspaper of Trieste,  Il Piccolo, a media that has alway been at the service of the strong powers of the State of Italy. History teaches this lesson well.

And so, judicial authorities started investigating all the activities of the FTM. From public demonstrations, portrayed as  “adunate sediziose” (seditious gatherings) to the legitimate opposition to illegal Italian taxes, turned to “”tax fraud”, to the hearings at the Courthouse involving citizens of the Free Territory who claimed respect for their rights “militarized” with the intimidating presence of police and Carabinieri. All has been framed, magistrates think, within a subversive action against the State of Italy.

The campaign has then assumed the aspect of a persecution. Public locals that hosted the assemblies of the Movement have been searched by Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza (Italian fiscal police), and received pretentious sanctions (fees, their activity shout down, criminal complaint). The owners of locals who had joined the FTM offering a discount to the numerous members were investigated by the judicial authority. All of this to eradicate to its origin any kind of freedom to express opinions, to prevent the broadcasting of news that would destabilise the system of power created by Italy in the occupied territory of Trieste, and to prevent the strengthening and social cousin of the citizens who identify themselves with the FTM.

But that’s not it. To stop any possible claim for independence it was necessary breaking the FTM from the inside. And this has been done using subjects who were infiltrates* (see note below) in the Movement and did, at first try to size control of that, then, as they didn’t make it, they created a new one, on which the support of Italian authorities was immediately conveyed. So, the new Movement did soon start to show as a necessity running for Italian elections, putting aside any idea of independence. A fact that is widely appreciated by Italy, a fact that did immediately allow the newly constituted group, namely said “Territorio Libero” to gain the support of the UNPO (Organizzazione delle nazioni e dei popoli non rappresentati – Unrepresented Nations and People  Organization) selling themselves as representatives of the people of the Free Territory.

In the meantime, the “new supporters of independence” close to deviant Freemasonry have started a violent campaign spreading hate against the legitimate President of the FTM (the author of the blog, Roberto Giurastante) and against journalist Paolo G. Parovel, in charge of the Press Office of the FTM and director of independent newspaper “La Voce di Trieste”. As for Mr. Parovel, the leaders of the opponent, fake pseudo-independence Movement did also present a complaint to the professional Association of Journalists asking him to be disbarred for the incredible accusation of being a collaborator of Slovene secret services. A libelling accusation, born from the minds of these Fascist-like, ultra-nationalists that are attempting to ride the wave of the independence of Trieste to turn it in a revanchist actions in favor of the never ended expansionist claims of the State of Italy against former Yugoslavia.

The mud-slinging, public campaign has been mainly organized on social network Facebook and has come to open death threatens. The authors seem to be elements “protected” by Italian Authorities that, despite the alarming escalation, are notably absent. And so, even the recent antisemite threatens and incitements to racial hate against Giurastante and Parovel did not barely touch the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic in Trieste, as Public Prosecutor Lucia Baldovin did immediately dispose the dismissal of the case without further investigations as for the related case.

Who is the ideologist of the new and violent pro-independence movement that Italy appreciates? Paolo Deganutti, professed Mason and already a “Worshipful Master” (see feature image). A representative of the same deviated Triestine “Freemasonry” which, after decades of unbothered rule at the service of the State of Italy does not certainly want to lose the power it has obtained by turning Central European city and its international free port in nationalist and Fascist sewer of Italian Mafias.

Goodbye and amen, Free Territory of Trieste.

* NOTE: The traces of the infiltrations have emerged from the very investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic in Trieste as for the FTM (procedure No. 840/14 investigations lead by the Carabinieri of the ROS – Special Operations Department – which emphasise the strong connections between certain members of the Territorio Libero Movement with the DIGOS – Special Operations Police – of Trieste).

This act, related to the above mentioned procedure, states:

“On March 18th, 2014, late afternoon, inspector V met Z.G. of the Free Trieste Movement. The two of them left Piazza della Borsa together and spoke for a long time.

Does a service note on that exist? If so, please, send me a copy of that.

Trieste, March 31st, 2014. Signed by Deputy Prosecutor MR. F. Frezza”

Deviant Freemasonry in Trieste: the Moncini case (from book “Tracce di legalità” – “Tracks of Legality” by R. Giurastante)

But what is so “precious” about Moncini to justify such uproar? He sure is wealthy and he has the best political connections, but the searches do also reveal the ceremonial insignia of a Masonic lodge. It is one of these lodges that have always controlled Trieste.

Renzo De Vidovich, former Deputy of the M.S.I. (Movimento Sociale Italiano, a Neo-fascist Italian political party), speaking about the Moncini case, states that masonry has proven to be very well organized in Trieste, with operative connections in the United States. The Mafia, adds De Vidovich, is also in Trieste, but this is a kind of mafia that doesn’t kill, because all picciotti (godsons) are graded, disciplines, obedient. This ma a doesn’t kill because there is no need to kill.

Actually, in Trieste are many active Italian masonic lodges, and almost all of them are irregular, being not recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England; the most notorious are six local lodges with 220 members, plus 27 members of Licio Gelli’s deviated lodge Propaganda-2 (P2): it is a very high percentage, especially if com- pared with the Italian average. “When someone affects certain interests of economic circles which are under the rule of this masonry, a machine does immediately turn on, to stop this process. It is like artillery ring on the disruptor: intimidations, threats, interrogations to political parties, articles on the press”. 

This is the declaration of a lawyer to newspaper La Repubblica commenting the Moncini scandal.

“In Trieste, the power of freemasonry is transversal: it runs across all political parties, especially the secular ones, but also in economic circles, professional orders and certain professional categories. Its roots are especially deep in the insurances business, among traders, coffee importers, bankers, and other businessmen. But there are also doctors, members of the Rotary Club, the visitors of certain exclusive social gatherings”.

This is the content of an article of La Repubblica published on October 1st, 1988. So, this is a “dark” pseudo-masonry, thus essentially profane, negative and low-level, downgraded to gangs that have nothing to do with the past of Central-European Trieste and, actually, not even with Free-masonic ideals. Except for few, personal exception. It really seems that evilness has found a fertile land in Trieste, and its roots went deep in it.

Translated by blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante

(Cover of “Tracks of Legality” by Roberto Giurastante)