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TRACKS OF LEGALITY by Roberto Giurastante

TRACKS OF LEGALITY – how Italian corruptions and mafias pollute the Free Territory of Trieste by Roberto Giurastante

This is a powerful, incredibly well-documented investigative book, which tells the author’s own investigations about pollution in Trieste and about the government system that made itself responsible of that. In facts, taking advantage of the tensions of the Cold War for decades, in Trieste was established a mafia-like system of corruption which, in exchange of obedience to the Italian Republic, enjoyed abnormal immunities and protection from the authorities. The book reveals the networks of this “system” that prospers robbing and impoverishing the citizens, enterprises, and the environment of the Free Territory of Trieste every day, who can only be saved ending this system of corruption. Roberto Giurastante has successfully bent it with complaints to the European Union, which opened infringement proceeding against Italy for breaches of Community Directives in Trieste on the matters of the disposal of waste, waste waters treatment, radiological risk prevention (the case of the Krško nuclear power plant, in Slovenia), of the Seveso Directives on high-risk industrial plants, air pollution, and the External Emergency Plan for the nuclear port of Trieste

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