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TRACKS OF LEGALITY by Roberto Giurastante

TRACKS OF LEGALITY – how Italian corruptions and mafias pollute the Free Territory of Trieste by Roberto Giurastante

Investigative book “Tracks of Legality” describes the investigations of the author on pollution in Trieste, as well as on the system of Government that is responsible for it: taking advantage of the tensions of the Cold War, in Trieste consolidated a Mafia-like system of corruption that obtained abnormal immunities and the protection of the authorities in the name of the Italian nationalism of the border areas.

Because since 1947, Trieste is the capital city of a little European sovereign State with the only international Free Port in the world: the Free Territory of Trieste, under the direct protection of the United Nations but, since 1954, its temporary civil administration is entrusted to the Italian Government. The local “system” does instead simulate Trieste be part of the Italian State, using this façade to parasitize, unpunished, the economic and environmental resources of the Free Territory.

However, Giurastante was able to fight this “system” back with complaints to the European Union, which has opened infringement proceedings against Italy for failing to comply with the Community Law on the matters of disposal of waste, sewage treatment, the lack of prevention in case of radiologic accidents (Krško nuclear power plant), air quality (Transboundary Air Pollution), and for failing to comply with the Seveso directive on industrial plants at risk. Thanks to his complaints to the EU, in 2009 Roberto Giurastante obtained that the external emergency plan of the nuclear port of Trieste was declassified and made public.

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