Free Trieste Movement



Even this year, Italy did not miss the occasion to celebrate the anniversary of the annexation of Trieste and its Port. And it did it proudly, much more than in the past years. A signal of the intrinsic weakness of a State that must attempt to impress the world with an anachronistic trial of strength.

By now, Italy sees that its castle of lies on which is grounded the fable of its sovereignty over Trieste crackles. And so it tries to give a clear signal to make it understand that Trieste is ready for all, because “Trieste is Italy, and Italy is Trieste”.

This, in short, is the message that should have been conveyed to reject the claims of the citizens of Trieste who are claiming, decidedly, the respect of their rights under the provisions of the Treat of Peace of 1947. A Treaty of Peace which seals the final termination of Italian sovereignty over Trieste since September 15th, 1947.

A sovereignty that lasted twenty-three years, it had begun at the end of the First World World, as a consequence of the dissolution of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, of which Trieste and its port had happily been part for half a millennium.

Trieste has been annexed to Italy twice. On November 3rd, 1918 at the endof World War I, and then on October 26th, 1954 after that the A.M.G. – F.T.T. (Allied Military Government of the Free Territory of Trieste) had transmitted, under the Memorandum of Understanding of London, the temporary administration to the Italian Government. The Italian Government did, instead, think twice before performing an ought-right military occupation of Zone A of the Free Territory.

And so, every year the misfortunate anniversaries reminding to the Triestines their sad destiny of folk under occupation and oppressed by the Country with the highest levels of criminlity and corruption of all Europe take place, concentrated between October 26th and November 4th: the ten days of the “passion” for the martyr-city of Italian nationalism.

This year, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the second redemption (this is how Italian authorities call it), or, most correctly, the second annexation, the Italian Military Navy has even sent the flagship, aircraft carrier Cavour, along with frigate Fasan, one of the latest models of a class which represents the finest jewel of the Navy of the Belpaese.

There are the usual bersaglieri marching. Reduces and Reduci e departmets in service. The Allies call them “chicken men” because of the feathers they wear on their helmets. The few reduces seem to be lost and make this surreal pared even more depressing. They march, attempting their typical running style, but they seem exhausted: a very current image of the decaying Republic of Italy.

There are no Frecce Tricolori. This time, and despite the important occasion, the aerobatic flight patrol of Italy seems to be busy elsewhere. In January, 2014, I publicly intervened to rise the question of the low-flight of the Aermacchi MB 339 of the Frecce Tricolori in Trieste, being immediately attacked by the many fans of this aerobatic patrol.

The fact is that the problem was a thorny one: was Italy allowed, with its military airplanes, to fly over the demilitarized airspace of the Free Territory and even allowing flight trainings in the middle of the built-up area, putting in serious danger the lives of hundred of people? Of course it didn’t end like that. I reported the happening with the needed complaint to the United Nations, the NATO and to certain Signatory States of the Treaty of Peace, including Russia.

Be hat as it may, at least, this time the Frecce Tricolori did not show up. Might it be that in this moment of tension, with flights of Russian military airplanes over European skies, it is better avoiding what might be read as provoking.

At the end, the only ting that these expensive and unwanted (at least, not by Triestines) celebrations is the complete lack of interest with which the Triestines greeted these. The occupied folk. Demonstrations deserted by the citizens and that took place in the dark, never-ending autumn of the democracy of a Country that is falling into itself.

Translated from blog “Ambiente e Legalità” – “Environment and Legality” by Roberto Giurastante