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Free Territory: threats, lies and rascality of fake supporters of independence

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Patience has limits, and when other people’s aggressiveness reaches and crosses the alert levels it is necessary defending, clearly and well focused, both truth and good rights, even before defending ourselves.

Since mid April, a small group of variously compromised characters, most of them from Italian, nationalist right-win and well supported by both Italian environments and media which attribute huge support to them (increasing the numbers of their supporters) organized a flood of lies, frauds and a golpe against Free Trieste – Trieste Libera to paralyze the legal and international, successful action of the Movement, that Rome has no arguments to stop.

Public opinion remained disoriented, but Free Trieste resisted very well. And, so, the failed gulpers, in Via Roma, organized an imitating, rough, low-level movement to keep, from the outside, defaming and confusing people.

They grotesquely called it “Territorio Libero al cubo” (“Cubed Free Territory”; in Italian, “cubo” sound similar to a derogatory word for backside) and, through the internet and with the support of toady, local Italian and Slovene press, pretend that their about 200 members are thousand, that Free Trieste means and does nothing, remains locked in a bunker and so on.

All lies, luckily. But the fake supporters of independence and Italian media keep saying that, trying to “jerkube around” all naive people they can.

And, as official, Italian, nationalist celebrations of October 26th approach, being it the hypocrit and false anniversary of the 1954 “redemption”, agitator agents that control these dirty operations did literally reach operative frenzy.

And this is why they have just caused, with means to be investigated, the betrayal of other, clearly weak, members of the management board of the Movement, some did immediately turn against it, attacking Free Trieste with lies, offenses and defamations more and more similar to these of the “cubed” traitors.

And these took advantage of this situation to repeat, on the net and other media, a campaign made of disinformation and violence much more extreme, meant to spread hate and deprecation, as well as triggering aggressiveness against Roberto Giurastante, well-known struggler against corruption and Mafia, and against me, juridical and political analyst and journalist.

The reason is elementary, always the same: to truly realize the Free Territory, agitating in the squares and holding drunken-like speeches are not enough, as this action needs a serious, competent and balanced political-diplomatic action, and, up to now, the ones that showed to have the capacities and the courage to do it are these two and the opposing, Italian interests try to eliminate them, attempting to show it as an internal settlement of accounts.

Spreading hate to trigger violence

In order to do that, as part of their propaganda – both online and on the press, which appears well-directed by experts and supported by the local newspaper – the violent “cubists” at service of Italian, revanscist interests do, paradoxically, reverse reality portraying us as demented, liars, malicious enemies, “snakes”, unworthy beings, and traitors of the Free Territory, payed and manipulated by who knows who, and they keep repeating that for this reason we must be “eliminated”, “exterminated”, “crucified” and so on, supporting these concepts with derogatory caricatures and images of automatic guns to other weapons.

Also, they try to incite suggestible subjects agains Giurastante and me, as part of an real, organized, mediatic lynching, characterized with abnormal aggressiveness, never seen before in Trieste, nor even against abject criminals, and even less against the several, corrupted politicians, while judicial organs react to our complaints with surprising under-evaluation and slowness.

Intensity, levels and impunity of this organized, public incitement did also allert some observers and analists focused on the happenings of this area, which are privately given an alarmed diagnosis observing that a fiscal aggression is never hard to organize by suggesting or paying some miserable one.

Even, the threats come from an environment which collect Italian agents and previous offenders compromised with important figures of drug trafficking, money laundering, and training with warfare arme in the area (Trieste, Slovenia, Croatia). Once again, they seem to have special impunity, and have hover forgiven us for discovering and denouncing them to public opinion.

And, yet, it is sure that whoever succeeds in actually getting rid of us would receive no less than lots of rewards by Italian environments – legal and illegal – who have interest in paralysing the serious, international action for the Free Territory of Trieste.

A flood of calumnious lies

In the meantime, the “cubists” do also try to destroy our international action to make it look fake and useless with a flood of calumnious lies, chatting and gossiping around, even supporting themselves with the actions of the recently resigned members of Free Trieste’s management board.

On the internet, they tell unaware people that our press conference of September 9th, in Vienna, would have been nothing more than a ridiculous chat at a caffe, our meeting with Southern Tyrollean a tomfoolery, and so on.

To this mendacious, Italian party-like propaganda is enough answering by inviting any concerned person to make its own, grounded opinion by reading and evaluating personally our press releases and our main document, that can be downloaded at this LINK.

The ones of the “cube” do also try to diffamate us trying to sell the idea that our legal actions for to obtain an indemnity for military service and the international lawsuits would be ungrounded accordino to some of their lawyer friends. More nonsense, which clearly shows that these traitors are trying to paralyze all real actions for the Free Territory that embarrace the Italian System the most.

A new series of rascally brags

But, other than attempting to discredit us, the “cubed” detractors are also releasing a bunch of rascally brags concerning the international actions they would be doing, yet, all they do is low-level activities.

Because, while the Free Trieste Movement (with its 2800 members) continued to develop, with competence, the international, legal action, ranging from the complaint and notice of default to the Italian Government presented to the International Community, to the presentation, in Vienna, of the formal notice concerning the Free Port, as well as other, fundamental acts in progress, the “cubists” organised a soccer match between Zone A and former Zone B, a flag-flying motorcycle rally, then a small march, sent forward a fake evidence of the persistence of former Zone B, as well as trying to sell as high diplomacy an excursion to London,  high  school trip style.

The trip to London and the fake NGO

The trip sold as diplomatic action collected 45 participants (boosted to 150 by the press) that filled their stomaches at a pub, distributed fliers in Trafalgar square singing a folk song, offering a flier to the Italian embassy, being rejected by the Russian embassy and, when at the American embassy, singing a derogatory folk song (“e quando che a Trieste xe rivadi i americani iera gobi anche i cani”) being sure that the diplomats at the embassy would not understand it.

A real shame, for instance, that these people arrogated to themselves to represent, in the heart of London, Trieste and the struggle for its independence, as that is actually made of the tradition, culture and sacrifice of men like Cergoly, Cusin, Giampiccoli and many other serious, skilled and corageous citizens and activists from the 1950s to this day.

During this trip in London they did also use the self-styled “Triest NGO”, which is, in facts, an ordinary, business association registered under British law, taken over by four of them (one of the four is a previous offender and currently under trial for fraud) by taking care of suspicious contacts and embezzling nearly 15.000 Euro they were in charge of to pay an expertise concerning international right that had been commissioned by the Free Trieste Movement as they are attempting to use the document by themselves (if they keep insisting on that, they are going to be investigated in London as well).

An unbelievable press conference

The bosses of this interesting gang did also decide to organize a press conference on October 17th, to sell as important, international actions what actually is other of their frauds and dishevelled, counter-productiveinitiatives.

But this time, their foolish mixture of irresponsabilità and political ignorance, sustained by Italian environments, risks to add to what is simply grotesque the opening of international tensions, as useless as dangerous for the Free Territory as well as for the stability of the area of former Yugoslavia.

This was learned by an ill-formed synthesis of their press conference, published on the 12.000-likes Facebook page they stole since May to the Free Trieste Movement, renaming it (after our complaint) after their “cubed” fraud-movement.

Harmful international tensions

In this note, the “cubists” claim to have taken contact with pro-independence, Bask senator Urko Aiartza, with a «right hand» (Lawrence Webb) of Nigel Farage within extremist, right-wing British party UKIP and with “pro independence” European Parliamentarians to have them rising, on an international lever and within the British parliament, the question of the Free Territory, including former “Zone B” to try denying that to Slovenia and Croatia.

But doing so would mean burying the true question of the Free Territory, the one concerning Trieste and the Free Port, supporting Italian, nationalist right-wing in order to create new, absurd international tensions. All of this would not favor Trieste, but the old, Italian nationalism of border areas as well as the well-known political moves of Rome.

The ones of the “cube” do also affirm to be ready to use important documents concerning the citizenship of “Zone B”. But this is an already discovered, shameless fraud of their own: they try to sell as an actual evidence of citizenship the true copy – as such is stamped today by Slovene authorities – of a 1954 certificate.

The exhibit of absurdity

But their international exhibit of absurdity came to the point they tell that when in London, through “contacts within Buckingam Palace” they would have offered “presents and a letter” to Quenn Elizabeth, and its “courtesy copy” to prime minister David Cameron, as well as documents concerning the Free Territory to the Russian and American embassies in London, even, obtaining diplomatic secrets from the Russians. But their trip to London took place exactly in the absolute ridiculous terms that we used to describe it.

Also, they affirm that a “infringement proceeding” against Italy, we guess by decision of the EU, as for the non application of articles from 1 to 20 of Annex VIII of the Treaty of Peace of 1947. But the EU has no competence on that. They do also anticipate popular petitions, and are proud of following, all the way through, the directions of their alleged “contacts” with offices of the UNO.

At the end, they declare, the same way as Italian politicians do – meaning without having the courage of their own convictions as for saying our names – that certain “characters” (we, the ones of the Free Trieste Movement) portrayed as “discredited” and even “bounded to the most anti-progressive Italian environments” are “working hard” to sabot their actions.

So, is the “intimidating” conclusions of the “cubed” pro-independence guys from via Roma, these “characters” (us) «must be furthermore isolated and it should be ensured that they can do no harm».

Should we take this as what it looks like, meaning a relevant, credible and criminal offence, a threat by a political group that includes previous offenders convicted as hitters and owners of weapons, or as one more italian party-style braying?

They discredit the struggle for the independence of Trieste

Anyways, it seems clear to us that they do no longer limit themselves to In ogni caso, ci sembra evidente che costoro non si limitano più a prendere “jerkube around” the public opinion of Trieste to support, in silence but clearly, Italian interests, discrediting the struggle for independence taking it to the lowest possible level. Up to the professed, failing intention to turn their movement in a seat-grabbing local political party to trade independence with demands for autonomy, ending up like old “Lista per Trieste” (List for Trieste).

Currently, they are also trying to get involved with the international level without even having the needed cognitions, ending up, as predictable, taking contact with people sharing their same levels of culture or far-right nationalist parties, as well as sustaining absurd territorial claims against Slovenia and Croazia, even through fake documents. To the point it is hard to tell if and how much are they either fools or frauds.

They do the dirty on Trieste’s rights

Yet, if the movie with Totò trying to sell the Fountain of Trevi makes everybody laugh hard, they don’t anymore. And, to this point, not even the joke of “jerkubing around” does.

Because those political fools are, no matter what, doing the dirt on the rights of live and work of the whole community of Trieste, which risks to be compromised right before the international institutions whose support is necessary and requires a serious, qualified and efficacious serious action like the one we, the ones of Free Trieste, are developing, even resisting to their violent attacks and shameful betrayals.

And, is through their frauds and party-like plans the ones of the “cube” were even capable to be elected in local administrations? Well, they certainly are not an acceptable ruling lass for an independent Trieste that, time to say it out aloud, will need people much more serious, prepared, smart and capable.

So, it is time to truly ask ourselves, with seriousness and urgency, who are the ones that, for the sake of Trieste, should be truly and soon «isolated and it should be ensured that they can do no harm»: we, the staff of the legal and political-diplomatic action of Free Trieste, or the pseudo-pro-independence “cubists”?

Paolo G. Parovel

(translated in English by Silvia Verdoglia)

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