Free Trieste Movement

Free Trieste at the Brennerpass with Southern Tyrolleans: our participation received claps and appreciation

Sunday, October 12th: the Free Trieste Movement took part, with a delegation, its banners and an official speech in German, to the demonstration organized on the border of the Brennerpass by the movement standing for the freedom of Südtirol and Trentino as historic parts German, Ladin and Italian-speaking Tyrol.

About 300 partecipante, with banners, flags and wearing the clothes of the Tiroler Schützen, joined creating a symbolical, human chain around the roundabout intersection on the border, and the participation of the Triestine has been appreciated and clapped.

Because with this action, and after the colloquia both there and in Sterzing, Free Trieste has continued to intensify its international contacts, especially with the Austrian world and former Austria-Hungary, receiving rising public and political-diplomatic attention for the Free Territory of and international Free Port of Trieste from an increasing number of European countries and allover the World.

In facts, the only possibility to archive the full application of the norms concerning the Free Territory depend on the attention and interest of the International Community, as well as on the capacity to address it through political-diplomatic acts perfectly suiting the purpose, acts that the Movement is producing in both Italian and English, since more than one year.

This capacity is also that of distinguishing the Free Trieste Movement by smaller, minor, imitating groups, which don’t have the needed competence, as well as the capacity to get over external and internal attacks, among the most serious and unfair. Just like the irresponsible attack received on Sunday evening by a group of resigned managers, to which Free Trieste has already reacted with energy, because it has no fear of battles and confrontations.

We annex to this article a photo-gallery of the event and the text of the speech in German, with the Italian and English version. Here you can read the official speech of the Free Trieste Movement presented by spokesman Paolo G. Parovel: Speech-Brennerpass

Photos: Claudio Schiesl and Free Trieste Movement (cc)