Free Trieste

PHOTO EXHIBIT. 1914-18: seaplanes and pilots defending Trieste and the Littoral

G. von Banfield’s Lohner L16.

G. von Banfield’s Lohner L16.

At aviation’s dawn, in 1912, France started developing seaplanes; the Donnet-Lévêque company did also organize training sessions that attracted pilots from all of Europe.

Among them, from Trieste, came Gottfried von Banfield and Gustav Klasing, aces-to-become of the Imperial and Royal aviation of Austria-Hungary’s Kriegsmarine, which ran seaplane stations along all of the Adriatic coast from Trieste to Parenzo-Poreč, from Pola-Pula to Càttaro-Kotor.

As WWI broke out, those seaplanes’ pilots defended Trieste and the eastern Adriatic ports and cities from the raids and bombings of Italian and French airplanes, engaging in successful, epic duels, and high-risk missions above enemy land.

Now, in Trieste, their memory is revived with a photo exhibit, arranged by Alessandro Mlach and organized by the Movimento Civiltà Mitteleuropea from November 9th to the 15th in the conference room at the 1st floor of the prestigious palace built by Max Fabiani in piazza della Borsa 7.

The exhibit’s opening is on November 9th at 4 PM, and entrance is free until November 15th at the following hours: 

Wednesday: opening ceremony at 4 PM, exhibit open until 6.30PM;

Thursday: 10AM – 12PM;

Friday: 10AM – 12PM;

Saturday: 10AM – 12PM;

Sunday: 10AM – 12PM;

Monday: 10AM – 12PM;

Tuesday: 10AM – 12PM;

It is possible visiting the exhibit in the afternoon, from 4 PM to 6 PM, upon previous request to the Free Trieste Movement’s secretarial office by phone at 040/2470772 mobile and Whatsapp 333/3337776 or email.

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