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Roiano police station: an operation that needs further verification

Copia di 371A6459

The former Traffic Police Station in Roiano

While Trieste’s economy declines, while small-size and medium-size enterprises go out of business, and while unemployment and poverty keep increasing and worsening among citizens and families, instead of cutting unnecessary expenditures to increase the necessary, needed social assistance measures, Municipal Authorities spend enormous amounts of money to create and to spread public works or useless and non-mandatory, extremely expensive works, which usually fuel enterprises and works from Italy instead of from Trieste.

Among others, a good example of this is the current operation on the former Traffic Police Station in Roiano, organized by the Municipality taking advantage of the fact that the people in that district need more space, and of the fact that, until now, nobody took care to seriously verify the documents concerning ownership, agreements, and projects.

However, the Free Trieste Movement did it, and it has already sent to the concerned authorities a first official notice, published here.

In English: LINK

In Italian: LINK

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