Free Trieste Movement

The Free Trieste Movement notifies a notice of default to the Commissar of the Port, Mr. D’Agostino, as for law enforcement

While the legal battle to obtain the registration of the ownership of the Northern Free Port under the Treaty of Peace, which blocks the illegal operations of building speculation of the PD on the area, on April 24th, the Free Trieste Movement has put in default the Commissar of the Port Authority, Mr. D’Agostino, as for the enforcement of the law when it comes to the management of the international Free Port of Trieste, sending to him a copy of the complaints which have already been presented on the matter.

The notice of default, sent for reference also to the Minister of infrastructures and transportation, MR. Delrio, recalls the legal sources, the obligations and the restrictions established under intenrational law on the international Free Port of Trieste, specifying that this port does not belong to the Republic of Italy as well as reporting that with Mr. D’Agostino the politicians of the PD «do publicly behave as if they were the owners of the port and of the Port Authority, portraying its Commissar as if that were an instrument, on the leash, a subordinate, even if the local administrations in name of which they say to be acting (Municipality, Region, Province) have no role when it comes to the management of the port»

The notice of default in Italian: Invito-rispetto-legge-porto-franco-internazionale-Trieste

The notice of default in English: invite-respect-law-international-free-port-Trieste

Press Office of the Free Trieste Movement