Free Trieste Movement

International Free Port of Trieste: Trieste Libera to Minister Lupi, the UNO and to the embassies of the Countries involved


After its operation in Vienna, the Free Trieste Movement continues and increases the political-diplomatic action for the Free Territory of Trieste, resisting to the strong counteractions of the environments of Italian nationalism and their supporters.

On Monday, October 6th, after the anniversary of the Memorandum of Understanding of London which, on October 5th, 1954, has entrusted to the Italian Government the administration of the Free Territory of Trieste, the Free Trieste Movement has questioned, with an official letter addressed to the Italian Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, Maurizio Lupi, the illegitimacy of the inclusion of the International Free Port of Trieste within the legal and operation system of Italian ports.

The communication has also been mailed to the Security Council of the United Nations and to the embassies of the States holding rights or interests as for the Free Port, which has been established as a State Corporation of the Free Territory of Trieste by the Treaty of Peace of Paris of February 10th, 1947 (Articles. 4, 21, 22, 48 sub paragraph. 5, 78 sub paragraph 7 and Annexes number I, VI, VII,VIII, IX, X).

The Government that received the documents are these of the United States, the Unite Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, other Countries of the Middle East, Mexico, Brazil and other Countries of Central and Southern America, Canada, Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan, India and other Eastern Countries.

The laws concerning the current Free Territory of Trieste are a constitutive part, in force, of bot International legal order, under the guarantee of the Security Council of the United Nations (see also: U.S. Department of State – Treaties in force, 2013), as well as of the Italian legal system, which puts them under Constitutional guarantee (Law No. 811/1947; D.L.C.P.S. No. 1430/1947; law No. 3054/1952; Articles 10, sub paragraph 1 and 117, sub paragraph 1 of the Italian Constitution).

The same norms of International Law do also regulate the international Free Port of Trieste (Annex VIII of the Treaty of Peace), including the rights to use and manage it for other States and the obligations of the entrusted, administering Italian Government to enforce, as part of the provisional regime defined with Annex VII of the Treaty, the Articles from 1 to  20 under the control of an International, consultive commission (Memorandum of London, Article. 5 and exchange of letters).

The Free Trieste Movement argues that the Italian Government violates the trusteeship mandate simulating the sovereignty of the Italian State, as well as suffocating the Free Port of Trieste to favor Italian ports.

This is why the letter to Minister Lupi is sent together with the “international notice” concerning the duties and rights concerning the Free Port of Trieste, presented by the Movement in Vienna, on September 9th, 2014 before the Austrian press, the foreign correspondents and the press officers of the foreign embassies in Austria, rinsing vivid interest (here you can read the news and documents).

In the letter to Mr. Lupi, the President of the Movement, Roberto Giurastante, demands that the issue indiscusse as soon as possible and without misinterpretations both by the Minister and by the whole Council of Ministers of the trustee administrator, the Italian Government.

Af the end of this press release you can read the letter to Minister Lupi, to the Governments involved and to the Security Council, as well as its annexes. So, the Italian Government is going to face uprising difficulties if does not answer, or if answering with political, anti juridical answers.

Also, all the documents – in Italian and English – were sent to press agencies, newspapers and correspondents of foreign press, Italian and local press.

This did also allow us to evaluate the levels of censorship and disinformation of the corrupted political system of Italy, which still attempts to hide its violations of the rights of the citizens of the Free Territory of Trieste.

More censorship and disinformation against Trieste Libera – Free Trieste

It’s been months: facing the increasing successes of the legal and political-diplomatic international struggle of the Free Trieste Movement for the rights of the Free Territory of Trieste the Italian political system is increasing the censorship of the press, the broadcasting of false news and a strong propaganda concerning the marginal activities of an imitating group which was established for the purpose (“Territorio Libero 3” – cubed Free Territory). This Italian campaign of censorship and misinformation does not only influence Italian media, but Slovenian media as well.

So, on October 7th, both Italian and Slovenian media, including official agency STA, censored the news concerning the political-diplomatic action of the Free Trieste Movement involving Minister Lupi, the Italian Government and the Governments of the Countries holding interests and rights as for the international Free Port of Trieste. Yet, the same media broadcasted a leafleting occurred the same day in London involving 20 volunteers (trying to sell these as 150) of the imitating group.

So, the criteria, instruments and co-workers of the campaign of disinformation unleashed for Italian interests against the Free Trieste Movement and against the rights of the people of Trieste paper more and more clear.


Letter to the Minister, in Italian:  1.lettera_al_Ministro_Lupi

La lettera al ministro, in English: 2.letter_to_Minister_Lupi

International formal notice, in Italian: 3.diffida_internazionale_porto

International formal notice, in English: 4.international_formal_notice_port

How Italians divert maritime traffics (map): 5.Dirottamento_Porti-Port_Deviation